What Does a Certified Life Coach Salary Range in North America Look Like?

Are you curious about what a certified life coach salary range in North America looks like? If yes, let’s see.

Who is a Certified Life Coach?

Life coaching is an excellent field for those who enjoy working with and impacting the lives of people who are experiencing crises or other life-changing events. These professionals help others learn to thrive after experiencing seasons of adversity. A certified life coach is a trained and credentialed coaching professional whose goal is to help people achieve their desired goals; help others to live happier and more fulfilling lives. According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), If an individual is certified as a coach, they have met stringent education and experience requirements. They have demonstrated a thorough understanding and practice of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the industry.  

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Training and Certification, A Major Factor of The Life Coach’s Salary

Several factors help determine the earnings of a life coach, and one of them is training and education. This essential factor plays a significant role in how much a life coach can typically earn. About ninety percent of coaches that took part in ICF’s Global Coaching Study had received formal training from an approved or accredited institution. They have degrees in psychology, counseling, social work, human services, and business management. These individuals are also credentialed as coaches, making them even more marketable and giving them a competitive edge over their colleagues. Not taking advantage of this credential may be doing yourself a disservice. Although the coaching field is currently unregulated and as a result, certification and training are not mandated, it has been highly encouraged. Why? because most individuals nowadays want to be helped by someone who can show some level of proficiency, someone they believe is a subject matter expert in their niche of coaching.  

Where you also receive education or training can be of importance as well. Being trained and certified through an ICF accredited provider, for example, shows proof that the life coach has been trained using the latest, most comprehensive coaching techniques and ensures competency and quality service to their coaching clients. 

Life Coach Salary Range – Industry Outlook and Statistics 

There’s an ever-increasing demand today for life coaching services because many people want more out of their lives. The life coaching industry has seen a significant increase in the last decade. The industry continues to see growth despite the impact of the pandemic experienced in the previous fifteen months. The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) second COVID-19 study shows the industry demonstrating resilience, embracing new technologies, and fostering a positive outlook for the foreseeable future. According to a 2016 ICF study, the average salary for a life coach in North America was $61,900. This figure pertains more to credentialed life coaches. A second global study performed in 2019 that surveyed over 22,000 coaches in 161 countries shows the average annual life coach salary in North America is $62,500. 

Glassdoor.com, a reputable American-based job site company, reveals the certified life coach salary range in 2020 to be $27K to $63K a year, with the average annual salary being $48K. Recent job reports show that a trained and credentialed life coach’s salary range can be anywhere from $33K to $117K annually as of June 2021. Of course, these figures can vary due to other determining factors like location, skills, level of experience, and more.  

 In conclusion, the opportunity to make even more money as a life coach is truly up to you. You do not want to limit yourself by not becoming credentialed. Think about how effective you can be to your life coaching clients and how financially rewarding it can be for you.

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