What Can You Learn From The Prosperous Coach?

The Prosperous Coach is a must-read for every coach. There have been numerous reviews on how this book has helped struggling coaches transform their businesses using the approaches mentioned in the book.


What Can You Learn From The Prosperous Coach?

About The Book

The Prosperous Coach: Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients was authored by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, both thought leaders and world-class success coaches in the coaching industry. It is considered a great resource that enlightens you on how to increase impact and income, one powerful conversation at a time and has sold over 50,000 copies to date.
This best-selling book has helped thousands of coaches, and consultants establish their businesses by invitation and referral only. This book has been in the top ten books on coaching on Amazon for the last three years.

Five Tips From The Authors of The Prosperous Coach

The authors, Steve and Rich share their most valuable tips on how to be prosperous as a coach. Let us take a look at five of them which I believe we can learn from.

1. Engage in deep conversations that show the power of coaching
Create the type of conversations that give the other person a profound and positive coaching experience. It is the best way to make someone grasp the value of coaching.

2. To schedule a coaching conversation, ask if they desire to be helped.
You can begin the conservation in a way that it goes from casual to business (potential client). According to the authors, a couple of impactful questions you can ask are:
i. Would you like some help with that? This question applies when you are talking with someone who is facing some life struggles which they have been unable to find a solution to.

ii. Who do you know? Meaning who do you know that might be interested in an opportunity that will add value to their lives. The ideal client for you might be the individual you are speaking with or someone they know.

3. Utilize articles, books, speeches that can attract your ideal clients.
If you are like me, I hate “cold calling” and so thank goodness Rich and Steve do not recommend it. They believe cold calling and cold emails are both a waste of time. An excellent way to make those connections are just meeting people in person (new people) wherever you go. Another way is reconnecting with people you already know like old friends, former acquaintances, etc. Show genuine interest in what they concern or intrigue them. The authors also recommend becoming writers, put yourself out there through media content, i.e. books and articles.

4. Creating a personal transformation that makes a lasting impact
For me, this point is all about the reason we are in the business of coaching. We want to produce a lasting impact on the lives of people. Your job is about genuinely making a difference. The authors refer to what we really do in this quote.

“The real magic is in whether you are willing to help your clients dive deeper than they have ever gone into the question: What do you, really, genuinely want? Show up. Be present. Be bold. Coach them powerfully. Be relentless. Be Sherlock Holmes and explore deeper into their lives than anyone has ever gone with them.”

5. Get rid of self-doubt; be confident in your conversations
When I was starting out as a life coach, there were many self-doubts. I kept asking myself if this was worth giving up my full-time employment. But the more I met with clients, the more convinced I was that coaching was for me. When engaging your clients, talk about facts and real-life stories that demonstrate your coaching success. Let there be life lessons to learn from those stories; significant goals achieved.

There is so much to learn from the prosperous coach, and I would highly recommend you get your own copy today. It is indeed a must-read for every coach who would like to succeed in this business.

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