Wellness Coaching Careers: Become a Health Coach Who Makes a Difference

Become a Health Coach With a Large Variety of Wellness Coaching Careers

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There are so many different wellness coaching careers out there; heath coach, wellness coach, weight loss coaching, smoking cessation coach, and more.

What are wellness coaching careers?

Are there opportunities for wellness coaching careers within existing businesses? What does it take to become a health coach?

How to Become a Health Coach:  Accountability’s Role in Wellness Coaching Careers

One aspect of wellness coaching careers is becoming a resource for people who are faced with making lifestyle changes that affect their health. For example, someone goes to the doctor and finds out they have high blood pressure and the doctor recommends an exercise and weight loss program. In 3 months, that person returns to his doctor and surprisingly enough there hasn’t been any changes. Why? It’s hard for most people to make changes when they are already busy with so many other obligations, even when faced with the painful issue of loosing their health. You can become a health coach who provides accountability and strategy so they can get the results they want.

How to Become a Health Coach Who Helps Your Clients Stop Smoking

Another aspect of wellness coaching careers is smoking cessation. While traditional coaching might provide accountability, the truth is that smoking cigarettes meets a lot of needs for smokers. For example, smoking provides “certainty”. What do I mean by “certainty”?  People who smoke know they can change how their bodies feel almost immediately by picking up a cigarette. They also get a sense of significance out of “not being able to quit” smoking as well, because it is a significant problem that controls their life (a significant struggle). Smokers may also get their need for connection met by hanging out with other smokers. How many conversations can you start with, “Hey, got a light?” or, “Hey, can I bum a smoke?” Even the need for variety might get met at some level because of laws regarding where you can and can’t smoke make it challenging to find somewhere to light up. If you become a health coach who can show people how they will be getting their needs met at a higher level by quitting, then you can access leverage that will help them be successful.

Some other wellness coaching careers include stress management, diabetes management, weight reduction, ergonomic counseling and nutritional planning. To become a health coach who gets results, you need to access enough motivation within your coaching clients to help them stay motivated. Just knowing the goal and having support can be helpful, but it won’t give you the leverage you need. If you want to become a health coach who gets amazing results you need your clients to associate a large of amount of pain to not changing and tremendous pleasure by making the changes. To gain even greater leverage, have them get clear about how their lives will look 10 or even 20 years into the future for each scenario. By doing this you will become a health coach who helps people put their goals into perspective.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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