Why Your Weight Loss Coaching Clients Are Still Fat

Ever wonder why it’s so hard for your weight loss coaching clients to lose weight?  And really keep that weight off?  Is it because they don’t really care about their health enough?  Is it because your coaching skills aren’t good?  No.  The number one reason why your coaching clients aren’t losing weight or sustaining that loss in weight comes down to a belief.

The Weight Loss Coaching Myth That Keeps Clients From Getting Results

Most people believe that energy comes from the food we eat.  It’s not just their conscious belief, but it is a belief goes down to their subconscious beliefs and cause people to react.  They get a certain “feeling” that they are hungry or their energy is low and what do they reach for?  Something that gives them energy.  It doesn’t even have to be junk.  Anything with some quick energy will do.  But excess calories are excess calories because often it isn’t food they need to get more energy.

How to Get a Sugar-Free Surge in Energy

Most people, including weight loss coaching clients are dehydrated.  Most people need between 2 and 3 liters of water a day.  If they drink caffeinated drinks they need to increase it significantly.  For example drinking a cup of coffee will cost 2 cups of water.  Why is this so crucial?  Not only is dehydration the number one reason why people feel tired, the signal that triggers us to drink is very similar to the trigger to stimulate our appetite.  So why not have your weight loss coaching clients drink a glass of water and then re-assess whether they are hungry 15 minutes later?

Another strategy is to teach your weight loss coaching clients other ways to increase their energy.  One is to improve their breath patterns through deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing techniques.  Another is to look at the types of food your clients are eating.  A diet rich in raw, plant based foods will allow the body to spend less energy digesting foods.  An extreme example of how food doesn’t give you energy is the post thanksgiving dinner “coma” where all you want to do is go to sleep.  Eating a diet of 70 percent raw, plant based foods every 3 hours will give your clients much more energy than the typical North American diet.  Cutting calories is not enough for long term fat loss.  Your clients need strategies to start changing their beliefs about what is healthy so they can step into their a new identity.

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Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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