7 Weight Loss Coaching Tips For Healthier Kids

Weight loss coaching for families with overweight children is, unfortunately, probably going to get more and more common. According to the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 48% of American children and adolescents are overweight or obese and the number has increased drastically over the past two decades. Negative Health Outcomes Associated With Excess Weight In Children And Adolescents The physical health problems in kids who could benefit from weight loss coaching … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Coaching Tips | Image by healthyweightlosscoaching

Best Tip For Weight Loss Coaching: Ditch The Diet

As a life coach, you probably have many clients who are interested in weight loss coaching. Whether for health reasons or appearance reasons, it sometimes seems like almost every client has losing weight on her list of goals. With all the diets and gyms and trainers available, do you ever wonder why there are so many people who have trouble controlling their weight? Well, I'm about to give you a controversial idea about weight loss coaching: have your client ditch her restrictive diet. You … [Read more...]

Why Your Weight Loss Coaching Clients Are Still Fat

Ever wonder why it’s so hard for your weight loss coaching clients to lose weight?  And really keep that weight off?  Is it because they don’t really care about their health enough?  Is it because your coaching skills aren’t good?  No.  The number one reason why your coaching clients aren’t losing weight or sustaining that loss in weight comes down to a belief. The Weight Loss Coaching Myth That Keeps Clients From Getting Results Most people believe that energy comes from the food we eat.  … [Read more...]