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Are you a therapist who has been figuring out how to make the transition from therapist to coach so you can earn a lucrative life coach therapist salary? If you are feeling exhausted and drained from dealing with problem patients, how about unleashing the most powerful therapy on earth by treating the whole person, not the dysfunction, through life coaching?

In an article “Confessions of a Psychologist-Turned-Coach” by The Institute for Life Coaching Training Founder Dr. Patrick Williams (MCC, BCC), he shared his experience about turning his therapy practice into a life coaching practice. 

“I had spent the last 16 years of my life as a clinical psychologist, and I was reflecting on my career. I had what most would consider a successful practice with a steady stream of clients. But something was missing. The passion that had initially attracted me to the mental health profession was nowhere to be found. The truth was, I was exhausted and drained from dealing with problem patients. I was buried under mountains of bureaucratic paperwork, and annoyed by the managed care issues I had to deal with. Burnout was a term too mild to describe what I was experiencing.”

He went on, describing how coaching had breathed new life into his career:

“While all of this was happening, I realized that something amazing was underway. Coaching had literally breathed new life back into my career. Gone was the burnout that characterized my practice years ago. I felt revitalized, energized and enriched by the positive methodology that I employed – instead of feeling drained as I used to feel with my previous illness-based practice.

I found that I really enjoyed my clients and even developed friendships that would not have been proper or possible in traditional psychotherapy. Furthermore, the psychological fulfillment of helping people achieve personal growth and transformation was extremely gratifying.

As for the financial rewards, top coaches at the time were making $150 to $300 or more per hour, and I was happy to be among those who commanded high hourly rates – all without having to deal with managed care or third-party payment.”

Searching through using keywords like ‘life coach therapy salary’, one can easily gauge the average market rate of a life coach therapist’s salary – $45,385 – $61,654 a year or anything between $50 – $150 or more if you charge per hour. What does this mean to you as a therapist or someone in the helping profession (e.g. psychologists, psychotherapists, or counselors) who is looking to enter the coaching world? You are an ideal candidate and best-positioned to transition into the lucrative world of coaching as you already have the requisite skills for coaching, says Dr Williams.

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Skills Therapists Already Have to Earn a Handsome Life Coach Therapist Salary

Although there is a distinct difference between life coaching and therapy – therapy focuses on mental health, behavioral problems or emotional issues and healing them and is done by a licensed professional, while life coaching helps people excel in all areas of their lives and is conducted by a credentialed or non-certified coach – both share a similarity, that is to make positive changes in people’s lives and help them become more fulfilled in their lives.

If you are therapist, among the skill sets that will give you an edge as a coach and allow for a smoother transition into coaching include: 

  • Listening and building rapport
  • Encouraging
  • Facilitating change
  • Empathy
  • Intuition
  • Respect for confidentiality
  • Strong boundaries
  • Objectivity and being non-judgmental
  • Master of powerful questions and inquiry
  • Good problem-solving 

There are many opportunities available in the coaching industry and it is very important that you think the whole process through and seek the right advice. You must realize that life coaching can be worked very successfully part-time or full time. With the right dedication and work ethics, you can achieve a six-figure salary and actually become the boss of your universe. Just give it a try!

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