How to Become Life Coach Certified Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

Is anyone really thinking of how to become life coach certified during these uncertain times? This was a question I asked myself while watching the evening news some days ago.


The answer is, Probably NOT!

What is presently on the minds of  people are the crashing global economies, the staggering increase of people infected with the coronavirus around the world, the continuous rising death toll and the fear of the unknown.

Despite this new reality, the world is facing today, becoming a certified life coach with the appropriate skills to impact the lives of people is needed now more than ever. 

As a Certified Life Coach, How Can I Help my Clients to Cope?

Life coaches are helping professionals who assist clients in achieving goals in areas such as life transitions, physical health, and emotional well being.  With the closure of schools, businesses, more people getting sick, anxiety, fear, and worry is negatively affecting the lives of many people including our youths.    Many are struggling with these emotional responses to the pandemic, and it is only going to increase as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread.  

And so how does a life coach help his or her client cope in these uncertain times?   The certified life coach who specializes in health & wellness or mental health coaching will be able to come alongside the client and offer practical strategies and helpful ways of dealing with anxiety, worry, and fear brought upon by this pandemic. 

How to Become Life Coach Certified: Becoming Trained to Serve

Getting trained and becoming certified as a life coach is needed.  There are certified life coaches who have stated that in the last few weeks, their phones have been ringing off the hook.  Clients are calling with questions on how to cope with anxiety, how to deal with their emotions.  The beauty of life coaching is that it focuses on what is happening in the present moment and how to move forward.  Life coaches are ideal for helping professionals readily available to assist people at a time like this.  However, if the client is struggling with pre-existing mental health conditions such as chronic depression, then, of course, he or she must be referred to a psychologist or mental health therapist.

If you have been working on getting life coach certified before the COVID-19 pandemic, not to worry. Admittedly, many training organizations have postponed their in-person training until further notice, but there are also some reputable training providers currently offering ICF training online.  Here are a few of them: 

  • Erickson Coaching International, an ICF accredited program – Offering discounts.
  • Co-Active Training Institute
  • Life Coach Training Institute
  • Master Coach University
  • The iNLP Center
  • Certified Coaches Federation
  • School of Coaching Mastery
  • CoachVille

How to become a life coach certified during this pandemic may be quite challenging.  Why? Because studying and training while your entire family is at home may affect your level of commitment and your concentration but it is attainable. Once you can locate the ideal training provider to accommodate your needs, do your best to complete your training to become certified and be ready to serve those who require your coaching expertise during these uncertain times. 

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