Three Musts For Effective Coaching Training

When evaluating coaching training for yourself, make sure you get plenty of these three ingredients: skills matched to real-world needs, scientifically grounded principles, and lots and lots of actual coaching. These could come entirely in a classroom setting, over the internet, or via conference calls. In fact, the best programs are a mix of all three. Just don’t expect to get what you need to be a great coach in three weeks or less, for the bargain price of $999.00. Expect to invest a year and a half to three years of intense study, and several thousands of dollars for the training needed to transform people’s lives.

Touchy-Feely Coaching Went-out with Hot Tub Therapy

Your coaching training must prepare you to change peoples’ lives – positively and consistently. Too many people are in real pain. And as a coach, you have a moral obligation to address their real needs with real solutions. Look for strong evidence and a proven track record of addressing real needs with real and long lasting solutions.

Look for Methods Based on Reputable Science

Whether neuro linguistic programming or hypnotherapy, insist on methods based on solid scientific research. Without this commitment to scientifically founded methods, you may be building your career and staking your clients’ futures on fads and popular myths. Frankly, your career may be your business. But your clients’ futures are not to be toyed with, and represent a sacred trust. So setting aside the passion of the moment, you must be able to separate fact from fashion in your coaching practice.

Coaching Training Must Include Tons of Coaching

Beyond practical training and scientific research, your coaching training must contain significant quantities of coaching, being coached and evaluating coaching. This implies that there are coaching processes adapted for each type of coaching, and a standard to judge good coaching from bad. If the program you are involved with does not have such differentiation, standards and criteria, stop and evaluate whether such a program can meet your needs.

If you don’t find solid coaching practices adopted to clients’ needs, methods based on solid science, and ample opportunities to coach, be coached and to judge coaching, then you simply are not in a serious program equipped to help you become the great coach that you have been called to become.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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