The Time is Right to Become a Personal Fitness Coach

If you have thought about becoming a personal fitness coach – stop thinking and start doing! The fitness coaching industry is already booming, and it is forecast to grow even more in the coming years.

Personal Fitness Coach
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Why is the Personal Fitness Coaching Industry Booming?

People are old or getting old. People are fat or getting fat. People eat healthy, live sedentary lives or have poor fitness and dietary habits. But, they want to be healthy, want to be I n top shape, and they want to have habits that lead to longer lives.

Dream Big But Start Small

Why is it so difficult to get in shape? Why is it so hard to change your fitness and dietary behavior? Why is it so damn had to get healthy?

Goals are achieved by dreaming big yet starting small. We all do small habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle – brush our teeth, fasten the seatbelt when we get in the car, wash our hands after we go to the bathroom (you do that, right??) These are small tasks that yield big results. That’s the approach necessary when starting a journey from fat to fit or unhealthy to healthy. That is where you – the personal fitness coach – comes in. You will be their guide on that journey!

Become a Personal Fitness Coach and Change the World

Can you change the world by becoming a fitness coach? Well, depends on your view of the world and the scale of that view. Of course, you can end terrorism, hunger, poverty, or war. But, if you think about it in the micro sense, yes, you can change the world – one person at a time!

Personal coaches work on an individual, or personal level to change behavior, teach new habits, and build a plan towards a healthier future. That could be you – changing lives by helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals.

The Time is Now for Fitness Coaching

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the personal fitness coaching field will grow by over 20 percent in the next ten years. Though the entire coaching industry will see expansion, fitness coaching is poised to boom!

From and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is some more good news:

  • The median salary for a personal trainer is over $58,000
  • The top salaries for personal fitness coaches are over $80,000
  • The total estimated number of jobs for personal trainers is 279,200

When you become a personal fitness coach, you also have plenty of flexibility in your job. You can work for yourself or work for others. You can work part time or full time. You can work in person, online, or a little of both. You can choose to boost your income to the highest levels of the industry or be content to make the median salary.

You have plenty of opportunity to prosper and profit. You have plenty of room to grow. You have plenty of choice when you become a personal fitness coach. But don’t delay – the time is right now!

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