The Prosperous Coach Book – To Buy or Not to Buy!

Why all the hype about the prosperous coach book? Is it really worth buying?  Well, you wouldn’t know until you purchase your copy.

An Introduction to The Authors – Steve and Rich

Who are Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin?

Steve Chandler is a Master Coach and successful entrepreneur. He is presently the author of thirty books that have been translated into over twenty-five languages. Steve is the co-author of The Prosperous Book, which he wrote with Rich Litvin, a world-class success coach and thought leader.

Steve Chandler attended the University of Arizona where he majored in Creative Writing and   Political Science. In addition, he spent four years in the US Army, studying language and psychological warfare.  Steve credits his own life experiences with failure as the most valuable tool for helping others. His life story is an inspiration to many.

Rich Litvin is a world-class success coach based in Los Angeles and London, and he is the prosperous coach-intensive training creator. Rich is a scientist by training, has a background in Behavioral Physiology and Psychology, and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Effectiveness. He is a leading expert at helping top-achievers around the world accomplish the most significant levels of success.

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The Prosperous Coach Book – Is it Worth My Time And Money?  

Absolutely, you should definitely buy this highly acclaimed book.  Let me highlight a few reasons why.  

  • The authors share their best strategies that have helped thousands of coaches worldwide establish coaching businesses by invitation and referral only.
  • It is a great resource that can help cultivate a service mindset that will enable you to find the ideal coaching clients.
  • You will learn how to match your unique skills and talents with the clients you serve, develop a system that works for you for referrals.
  • The Prosperous coach book is considered a great resource that enlightens you on how to increase impact and income, one robust conversation at a time.
  • It will help you create conversations that give the other person a profound and positive coaching experience. It is the best way to make someone grasp the value of coaching.
  • The book will show you how to get rid of self-doubt and be confident in your conversations with current and prospective clients.

Speaking of self doubt, I have mentioned this before. In my first few months as a  life coach, there were several moments where I doubted myself. I often questioned my capabilities, coach training, skills, and was mostly concerned about my income, what I was giving up. I kept asking myself if this new career path was worth letting go of my full-time permanent job. But the more I met and engaged with people, the more convinced I was that professional life coaching was for me.  When engaging your clients, talk about facts and real-life stories that demonstrate your coaching success, what you bring to the table and how you can help them.

The Prosperous coach book has witnessed massive success due to the business strategies and success mindsets noted in the book. I strongly recommend that you purchase your copy and begin to saturate yourself with valuable information that will take your coaching career and business to the next level.

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