The Craziest ways Coaches Practice Their Skills

Coaches practice their skills as a life coach all day everyday. How awesome is it that coaches get to practice becoming an expert simply by living life? It’s not always awesome, sometimes it’s really challenging.

It’s easy to feel like a total hypocrite when you are coaching your clients to control their anger and set goals toward their best life, while you lay on the coach eating cake and screaming at your husband or wife.

The truth is you are human, expert or not, being a life coach doesn’t mean you live the perfect life. As a life coach you can use the challenging moments in your life as career training and personal growth.

Lose Control to Become a Better Life Coach

Have you reached that boiling point with your spouse, where you just can’t take another second without letting them know how you really feel?

Tired of the passive aggressive comments your mother throws in every time you see her?
Feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do?

Do you feel like you just don’t want to get out of bed today?

This is your time to become an expert. This is your time to shine. These are the moments where coaches practice becoming an expert at helping clients change their lives.

One of the greatest perks to a coaches practice is that your career supports you in creating a healthier life for you and others. The problem is how out of touch you are as the core coaches practice has taught you to handle life with more ease.

Do you remember what life was like before your tool belt was equipped with ways to control your emotions and get the results you want?

The best part about these boiling point moments are you can get back in touch with the level of frustration your clients feel in their everyday challenges. It’s important for you as coach to allow yourself to fight full out. These are the moments you really want to become aware of how hard it is to manage your state of mind and choices.

Coaches Practice by Fighting Full Out

By fighting full out coaches practice what it feels like to feel out of control. Reminding us how to relate to the difficulty of making the right choices we are coaching our clients to do in each session. This is very important as a life coach. Over time you have learned to live life at a different standard then the everyday Joe. It is important as a coach to really experience the moments when you have lost control to the fullest to remember how to coach a client through similar moments.

Mess up so You Can Improve

Improvement is the key to happiness. As a coach, practice improving by allowing times of not knowing what to do and making the wrong choices. You can use these moments to think about what you would have needed to handle that challenge like a pro. These moments allow you to create your own techniques form personal experience.

Your Hardest Moments Define Your Success

The coaches who are practicing making mistakes are the coaches who create life altering skills. If you want to truly make a difference for your clients then your connection to what you share needs to run deep. Use your life and your experiences to create unique ways to approaching the most difficult challenges. Be aware of what events happen in your life that get the best of you and actively seek a revolutionary way of approaching these problems in the future.

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure. Coaches practice being aware of the dirty moments in their own lives to create the shiny light at the end of a dark tunnel within the challenges of their clients.

Coaches Practice becoming experts by losing control, fighting full out, thinking dirty, messing up and sharing their failures. Yeah, our job rules!!!

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