How to Find the Best Accredited Life Coaching Programs

Finding the best accredited life coaching programs isn’t as easy as you might think. Life coaching programs are everywhere – springing up like weeds after a spring rain. But, finding a reputable and accredited course that fits your needs takes a little time and effort.

Accredited Life Coaching Programs
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6 Steps to Finding the Best Accredited Life Coaching Programs

  1. Do Your Homework. This is the most common advice, but also the most often overlooked. Doing your homework doesn’t mean doing a Google search, reading a few paragraphs about the first program in the results list and then signing up. Doing your homework means to do your due diligence – read everything you can, look for reviews and testimonials, call or email the program, and scour the Internet for any and all information.
  2. Accreditation. Finding the best accredited life coaching programs means the program needs to be accredited. One of the best accreditations for a program to possess is the International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation. The sole purpose of the ICF is to promote the advancement of the coaching industry – they have created and developed rigorous standards and core competencies that a school must follow in order to receive their accreditation.
  3. Budget. Find a program that fits your budget. The most costly programs aren’t always the best, and going into debt to earn a coaching certification is not advisable. Many accredited programs charge reasonable fees that most people can afford.
  4. Needs. Do you have a special interest within life coaching? If you are interested in a specific niche or want to combine your life coaching with another specialty, look for a program that focuses on that need or specialty.
  5. The Business of Coaching. If you go into private practice, you will be a business owner. For many coaches, it will be the first time they have started and operated a business. A good coaching program should have classes and support on how to operate a coaching practice.
  6. Who are You? Before you even start to look for the best accredited life coaching program, take a few moments for self-analysis and reflection. Clarify your own goals. Do you want to coach full time or part time? What skills do you already possess and what skills do you need? What ways to you learn best? How quickly do you want to complete the program? Asking these questions will help point you in the right direction when searching for the best accredited life coaching programs.

Don’t Wait to Become a Coach

The life coaching industry has been growing for several years, and it continues to grow. However, every year it gets more crowded and competitive. The longer you put off your coach training, the more difficult it may be to get your slice of the life coaching pie.

Start looking for the best accredited life coaching programs now – there are many great ones which are affordable and reputable. Starting now will quickly put you on the path to a rewarding and satisfying career.

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  1. Marian says

    This is really helpful, most people give up on finding the right program for them because they dont want to do their research. But maybe after reading these tips, they can see just how important doing research can help them find the right program.

  2. Rachel says

    Thanks this is very much informative, I need more information and clarity. I’m a stayed home mom good in interpretive, marketing and sales but no certificate/ credentials to support me… please help with information to so that I can go to school for this dream I have. To become a business life coach?

  3. Ashley Turns says

    My sister has been telling us how she’s decided she wants to be the best life coach ever. So thanks for letting us know that a great training program will be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’ll be sure to start helping her find a great life coach training program near us that has an accreditation from the ICF since they have the best standards.

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