The Average Yearly Certified Health Life Coach Salary in 2020

What does the health life coach salary look like in 2020 for salaried employees? Let’s find out.

What is Health Life Coaching?

Health coaching is a growing field, and several individuals, especially those who are already in the helping professions, are well suited to function as Health Life Coaches.

With people investing more in their health and wellness than ever before, and the current times we live in, this is the ideal time to pursue a career in health life coaching.   Coaching has become one of the most demanding and most lucrative areas in the healthcare field.  Not only is it financially rewarding (impressive salary package) to become a health life coach or health coach nowadays, but also enriching and empowering.

The Role of a Certified Health Life Coach

A Certified Health Life Coach, also referred to as a Health Coach, is a trained and credentialed professional who uses his or her expertise, and skills to work with clients to facilitate significant behavior changes in overall health care.  A Health Life Coach typically works with a patient care team to help with areas where they want to see substantial changes occur in a patient/client’s life. These areas include weight loss facilitation, smoking cessation, physical fitness, chronic disease management, and other areas. A Health Life Coach often collaborates with healthcare practitioners and human services/social services professionals in various settings to include hospitals, wellness centers, rehabilitation centers and managed care organizations.

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Future Trends in Health Coaching

According to the US Dept of Labor, the health coaching field is a six billion dollar service industry projected to grow from seven to 18 percent over the next decade.    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has become our new normal, the need for health and wellness professionals (including coaches), health educators have drastically increased.  The global pandemic is prompting both employers and employees to recognize the need for and value of coaching. As a result, organizations worldwide are hiring coaching professionals to counsel and motivate individuals to change unhealthy lifestyle habits, with the goal to improve the overall well-being of these individuals. According to the American Council on Exercise, we will also see more health coaching delivery changes, meaning that more coaches will deliver services virtually, via telehealth platforms. More and more health life coaches and fitness trainers will start to seek additional credentials to enhance their existing skills and facilitate more remarkable behavior changes with their clients.

About The Health Life Coach Salary

How much can a health life coach realistically make? Well, depending on multiple factors and based on the current statistics, the average Certified Health Life Coach salary is estimated to be in the range of $50,000–$75,000, with the top ten percent of coaches earning $100K and above, according to the US Department of Labor. For the year 2020, the average yearly salary of a certified health life coach salary working as a full-time employee is $46,764.  Recent statistics show that organizations such as Humana and Cigna, as of December 2020,  pay their employees salaries as high as $72,000 annually. Of course, these figures are dependent upon certification, skills, experience, geographical location, and other factors.

Have you been thinking of becoming a certified health life coach, and so far, you have been impressed with the information you have read in this article?  Do you believe you have what it takes to work alongside other health and medical professionals to help individuals implement lifestyle changes? If your responses are Yes, Then get ready to join other coaching professionals’ to enjoy a rewarding and satisfying career in the healthcare field.  

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