Questions to Ask Before You Become a Personal Coach

Before you to decide to become a personal coach, a few pertinent questions must be asked. Becoming a personal coach requires dedication, passion, and effort. Coaching is a great gig, but it is not an easy one. Coaching comes with great rewards, but you must work for them! Some experts subscribe to the belief that coaches are born and not made, while others believe that coaches can be made, even if they are not born that way. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle – coaches are most … [Read more...]

From Mediocre Coach to Great Coach: The Coach Training Secret of How to Become a Personal Coach

Coach Training That You'd Rather Forget: Keys to Become a Personal Coach If you really want to become a personal coach who gets results, you are going to have to be totally honest. We know from coach training that as the leader, your client will follow you. But if you don’t show up being fully engaged in a session, how can you expect your client to do otherwise? They will follow you into the land of mediocrity. If you have any messy issues that have come up in the past few days that you have … [Read more...]