Life Coaching

A Day in the Life of a Personal Life Coach

There are many reasons an individual chooses to become a personal life coach, but one of the most rewarding ones is the personal freedom it affords. There is no doubt that coaches enter this business because they have an altruistic nature and they truly enjoy helping others. They also become personal life coaches because it is a challenging, dynamic, personally satisfying, and financially rewarding career. However, there is no denying that freedom is one of the biggest lures for someone to … [Read more...]

A Personal Life Coach – Who Coaches The Coaches?

Having a personal life coach, even though you are a coach, is very beneficial to both you and your clients. On July 14, Dave Luppa wrote the article “So just who the hell is YOUR life coach?” There was a comment asking, “I wonder who the coach of the life coach is?” I thought that was an excellent and very important question. As a coach myself, I have a personal belief that we need to practice what we preach, and that it is important to have a personal life coach. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m … [Read more...]