A Day in the Life of a Personal Life Coach

There are many reasons an individual chooses to become a personal life coach, but one of the most rewarding ones is the personal freedom it affords. There is no doubt that coaches enter this business because they have an altruistic nature and they truly enjoy helping others. They also become personal life coaches because it is a challenging, dynamic, personally satisfying, and financially rewarding career. However, there is no denying that freedom is one of the biggest lures for someone to become a personal life coach.

What Freedom?

Coaching is a demanding business – it’s not the right career for someone who wants to take it easy and it is definitely not for slackers. A personal life coaching expert works hard to promote the business and to help clients achieve their goals and dreams. But, even with all the hard work it offers freedom.

  • Freedom to chose your specialty. You can pick a niche and become an expert. What are your interests? What are your passions? As a personal life coach, you can align your passions with your career.
  • Freedom to work where you want. Coaches are in demand in every part of the country and in many parts of the world. Though some places may offer more opportunities or higher income possibilities, you do have freedom of choice when it comes to location.
  • Freedom to work the hours you select. Do you want to begin part-time? Do you want to work afternoons and evenings and have mornings free? Though coaching is hard work, you have the personal freedom to make your own schedule.
  • Freedom to be the type of coach you want to be. For people who work for large coaching firms or work as a coach within a corporation, this may not be possible. However, for those coaches who choose to work for themselves, they can develop their own style and methods of coaching. As long as those methods can attract clients and as long as they work, you are free to choose.

A Day in the Life of a Personal Life Coach

The morning can be for work or leisure. Get up, eat a leisurely breakfast, go the gym, go for a hike, and then back to shower and head to your office for sessions with clients. If you prefer to work in the mornings (or have clients who prefer to make appointments in the mornings), you can get up early, eat breakfast and get to the office, ready to lend your expertise toward helping your clients.

Mornings or afternoons can be for organizing your day, writing entries in a journal, studying new material, or going over information of each client who you will see or who you saw that day. Some coaches prefer to have all the sessions in a row, while others prefer to spread them out, allowing for time to reflect and or write down thoughts about a session.

A day in the life of a personal life coach must also include the business side of a coaching practice. Taking care of bills and administrative duties, marketing for new clients, and following up with existing or previous clients are crucial components of a life coaching business. But, because you are your own boss, you have the freedom to choose when you want to perform these tasks.

A day in the life of a personal life coach can be whatever you want it to be – that’s the beauty of the coaching business. The structure and design is all yours!

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  1. Jocelyn says

    Freedom to choose what kind of work you do, when to do it and how you conduct your sessions are the benefits of being a personal life coach. It is a great joy to do what you love and have no restrictions about it.

  2. Marlon says

    When you are a personal coach you have the freedom to do what you want, but you also have the responsibility of succeeding at your own pace. Look into what works for you and excel at it!

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