A Success Coaching Tip that Could Help Your Business

If there was a success coaching tip that would change your results, create more happy clients and help you get better at anything you desired… And that this success coaching tip would cost you nothing, require only yourself and could be used at any time…

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Would you be interested?

I’ll bet you would.

Now at the risk of sounding a little bit like a used car salesperson what I just told you isn’t hype – there is such a tip. And it’s one of the success coaching tips you already possess.

The success coaching tip is a reflection.

But I’m Too Busy

The typical excuse people use for not reflecting is that they don’t have the time. As they move from task to task, from project to project, and event to event they end up asking, “When would I have time to reflect?”

When would I have time to reflect?”

Time isn’t the only reason we don’t reflect. We also don’t reflect because:

  • We don’t think about it.
  • We don’t realize the importance of it.
  • We don’t value it.
  • We don’t think we know how to do it.

Hopefully reading this helps you get past the first few reasons. The last one is an issue of skill – we all know how to reflect but may not realize we are actually reflecting when the situation calls for it.

Consider the following scenarios…Sitting around a table with friends playing a board game. In between the game, participants will be thinking to themselves what they could have done, should’ve done, might’ve done – all of this is a simple reflection. And spending that time thinking about what just happened will make us better board game players in the future.

Golfers quickly analyze their swing as they watch the trajectory of their shots, analyzing what worked and how they might adjust their move.

And we do it at work, thinking about how the presentation for our client went as we leave and move to the next item on our calendar.

So we know how, and we even do it sometimes, but how can we reflect more successfully?

Success Coaching Tip: How to Reflect More Effectively

Make Time – Reflection is about having time. We all have the time, regardless of how busy we are. Reflect in the shower. Reflect on your way to work (turn off your radio and think). Reflect before you go to sleep or with your family as you eat a meal. Turn off the television. There is time – all you have to do is just carve it out.

Ask Questions – Reflection is about thinking and asking questions helps our brain think. Consider using this list of reflective questions to get you started – these questions will help you think about what happened and what you can learn.

  • What worked and didn’t work? Why?
  • What does this situation remind you of?
  • How can I use this experience in other scenarios?
  • How does this experience relate to other situations I’ve experienced and what can I learn for that situation?

Think More Broadly – Don’t just apply your experience in the exact same situation the next time. Instead, think about what you can take from this experience and apply it to other related or perhaps even unrelated situations. Look for patterns, tendencies and underlying principles. When we think more broadly, we make our reflection process infinitely more beneficial to our life.

As you reflect more effectively, you will get better at coaching and your results will begin to improve dramatically. Make the time. Ask the questions. And by all means, apply what you have learned. When you do this, you will make your life experiences your most precious source of learning and your most fertile ground for your coaching success.

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