11 Quick Coaching Tips for Coaching Success

We live in a time of short attention spans, easy access to information, and technological speed, so it’s the perfect time for some quick coaching tips.

Quick Coaching Tips
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Coaching is Not a Quick-Fox Scheme

The coaching process is not something that should be viewed as a quick fix though results can happen in a short period of time. Learning to be a coach who gets results and finds outcomes for their clients takes both training and some experience, so it doesn’t often happen overnight.

Coaching Skills in Bullet-Point Form

Though coach training should be extensive and filled with comprehensive information, there is room for rapid-fire tidbits of information to help enhance your coaching knowledge and improve your coaching skills. Quick coaching tips are a great way to refresh knowledge and build on what you already know. Quick tips are perfect for the coach on the go and our attention-deficit world.

Why Bullet Points?

A reader sees a long block of text, especially long sentences or paragraphs, and immediately thinks that their brain is going to have to work just a bit harder to discern the main theme or learn some new information.

When a reader sees something in bullet-point form, they usually think they will be reading an easily absorbable nugget of information, and won’t have to work that hard to attain and retain information.

Quick coach tips fit into that framework, and making these quick tips into bullet points makes it even easier for the coach to gain more knowledge, knowledge they can use in their coaching practice to help clients find better outcomes

11 Quick Coaching Tips

Here are the tips – all bullet points, of course!

  • Every coach can be a better coach: every coach must continue learning and improving.
  • Don’t dismiss old-school coaching exercises like GROW or the Wheel of Life because they are old: they have stood the test of time because they work.
  • Though tried and true methods work, don’t be afraid to try new coaching exercises and models.
  • Active listening is the most important coaching skill- all other coaching skills depend on your active listening skills.
  • Powerful questioning is the second most important coaching skills, and goes hand in hand with active listening. No bullet-point list of quick coaching skills would be complete without these two!
  • Be curious, not critical. Don’t be afraid to be honest, but in coaching, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it helps you get a result.
  • There are clients you won’t want to work with – it’s not a challenge to work with them, it’s a bad choice. You can’t help everyone and trying to do just that may ruin your career.
  • Don’t forget that we live in the digital age – your website and online presence matters to the success of your coaching practice.
  • Don’t forget that we live in the digital age – there are opportunities for additional income through online coaching, webinars, and digital products.
  • Don’t forget to coach yourself. You have the skills to help clients reach goals and achieve outcomes – don’t forget to use those same skills on achieving your own goals.
  • The last tip on this list of quick coaching tips is to make sure you constantly assess and measure; you can do this through feedback and analysis of numbers and results. The more assessments you make, the more you will be able to make changes to improve and enhance your practice and coaching skills.

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