Success Coaching Definition: The Role of a Success Coach

Success coaching definition! What does this type of coaching look like? 

When people talk about success coaching, they tend to exclusively associate it with academics/education (students in a high school, college, or university setting). This coaching specialty is not restricted to academic success only. 

What is Success Coaching?

According to a Forbes magazine article written by Russ Alan Prince, success coaching is a process that helps people set and achieve realistic financial goals faster, with greater ease than would otherwise be possible. He further states, “the success coaching process is educational in nature. Astute individuals hire coaches for their existing knowledge, skills, and expertise, as well as their ability to create further knowledge.” Success coaching focuses more on measurable goals, such as financial, academic, or professional goals. 

There are some who may argue that life coaching and success coaching are the same thing. Yes, the two niches are similar, but there is a significant difference. The fundamental difference between the two is that life coaching is broader in its scope of practice, and the client defines the desired results. In contrast, success coaching is customized or tailored to help people achieve realistic educational, financial, or professional goals. In success coaching, it is essential to also note that coaches assist clients in formulating particular strategies to achieve what the client defines as success.

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Success Coaching Definition: Success Coaches & Their Role in Coaching Others

Success Coaches are trained professionals who guide others toward achieving success, and their responsibilities include implementing strategies that promote success and developing customized plans for people. These professionals are employed mostly in higher learning institutions and are often referred to as either academic coaches or retention coaches within the university or college environment. You will also find success coaches employed in government agencies or working independently (self-employed). Some typically possess undergraduate degrees in human services, psychology, or counseling and are credentialed through a certifying body such as the International Coach Federation. 

The Role of Success Coaches in Coaching Others

  • Helping create realistic and practical strategies toward realizing goals.
  • Helping with resume building and time management skills. 
  • Identifying client’s strengths and goals to create a personal plan of action for the completion of the program or project.
  • Motivating and Inspiring clients to achieve their definition of success. 
  • Providing goal-oriented guidance and steps to success, as well as encouraging active participation.
  • Performing progress assessments and utilizing motivation techniques.
  • Encouraging clients by recognizing milestones and mitigating challenges that hinder progress.
  • Regularly reporting on the progress made and results obtained with clients.
  • Providing ongoing feedback and follow up 

The success coaching definition can be interpreted in different ways, depending on whom you talk to. Everyone has their definition of success, and when it comes to coaching, the client you serve defines what that means.   As a success coach, your role is to work with each person to help them realize their desired goals, developing specific strategies to achieve what the client defines as success.

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