Seven Tips to Choosing The Best Life Coach Training Program For You

The process of finding the best life coach training for you amongst several options out there can be quite confusing and time-consuming. It is important you carefully seek out the suitable training program for you. Just as you conduct your research in selecting the “ideal” school for your degree or certificate program, the same should be done when choosing a coach training program. All life coach training programs showcase their advantages, and as a result, it can be quite confusing in being able to compare the diverse programs equally. It is essential to select the best program for your professional success, integrity, and reputation as you embark on your life coaching career.

Seven Tips to Choosing The Best Life Coach Training Program For You
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Few Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Program

  • Is the program virtual(online) or in person?
  • What is the training program going to cost me?
  • What are the qualifications of the school and its instructors?
  • Does the training program align with my philosophy?

In addition to the questions above that you ask yourself, the suggestions below will help eliminate the stress of finding the best life coach training program for you.

Suggestions For The Best Life Coach Training

1. Select a program that fits your values and philosophy – You want to select a training program that aligns with your worldview and belief system. For example, I am a Christian Life Coach, and so I coach from a biblical worldview and therefore able to accommodate the needs of my client base.

2. Select a program that follows coaching industry standards – You want to choose the best life coach training that offers practical techniques that you can use with clients. You will also want to ensure that the coaching program you choose additionally provides you with tools to market yourself.

3. Select an approved coaching training – Since the coaching field is unregulated, it is easy for anyone to start and design their own program. As a result, it is essential to select a training program that is approved by a recognized organization like the International Coach Federation. The ICF accredits all coach training programs in the United States and around the world.

4. Select foundational coach training before niche training – It is an excellent idea to receive fundamental training in life coaching prior to obtaining specialized training. The foundational training will help to develop the coaching skill set, mindset, and tools to become efficient in your niche.

5. Select the right schedule that fits your needs – Most life coach training programs offer online (virtual) training. Finding a fully online training might be more affordable than a traditional program. Why? It is because many online schools have little or no overhead costs and so savings are transferred to the students. If your schedule permits, you retain the option of choosing a completely online program or a combination of traditional and virtual learning.

6. Select a cost-effective program – More expensive does not necessarily indicate quality. There are many quality and reputable life coaching training programs that are affordable. Do not break the bank in the process of becoming a life coach. Be smart in your spending and select a quality program that is within your budget.

7. Select a coaching training that will assist you to become an ICF Certified Coach – After the completion of your training program, the subsequent step is to become certified which makes you more marketable. Becoming an ICF certified coach makes you, not only marketable but, it also sets you apart in the coaching field. It is crucial to select a training program that is ICF accredited.

Choosing the best life coach training for you is a personal decision, and so it is crucial to ensure you conduct your research thoroughly. Before making a decision, ask the proper questions and be satisfied with the answers you receive. Life Coaching is a fulfilling career and a significant investment. Therefore, you must take your time and be wise in selecting a suitable program that works best for you.

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