Relationship Coach Training: Coaching Techniques to Help People Find Harmony

The fastest way to get great relationship coach training is to understand assessments. Studies such as the DISC and Values Assessments will give you more information in 20 minutes than many skilled relationship coaches or marriage & family therapists could get in several months using their best coaching techniques. The reason for this is that these tests have a 93% reliability, as well as a “cheater” factor build into the tests for people who might accidentally try to look a “good”. Once you have the assessment results, the rest of this relationship coach training will be easy.

Using Coaching Techniques to Decide if This Couple Should Be “Encouraged”: Relationship Coach Training to Help Your Clients

The first strategy of this relationship coach training is to look at the values assessment. One of the quickest coaching techniques to see if people are compatible is to look at the values assessments. If the couple doesn’t share at least 2 of their 3 top values, it’s a recipe for disaster. Even if “opposites attract”, unless a couple has enough similarities there won’t be enough glue to hold the relationship together over time. If a couple shares similar values, you can encourage them. Even if things are challenging in the moment, there is hope for the future with a little relationship coach training and a few coaching techniques to help them get on track.

Relationship Coach Training to Help You Understand The “Opposites Attraction” Coaching Techniques

The next strategy you can immediately implement from this relationship coach training is to look at the assessments to compare personality styles and communication styles. Just because one person is an introvert and the other is an extrovert doesn’t necessarily mean a couple will struggle. The old adage, “Opposites attract” still holds true. In fact an introvert might really appreciate that his partner connects with interesting people and that allows him to meet people within his comfort zone. Of course, he might pull his hair out waiting for his extrovert wife who takes 40 minutes to say goodbye to everyone at a party. Understanding the strengths that each personality trait brings to the table is one of the best coaching techniques you can use to help create mutual respect and admiration. Since variety is the spice of life; a little spice in a relationship is a good way to keep things from getting boring.

Coaching Techniques to Help Your Clients Create Raving Fan Lovers: Hot Relationship Coach Training, Anyone?

Other powerful coaching techniques that you can use without the assessments is to have each partner evaluate at what level their emotional needs are being met in the relationship. Then have each of them make a list of things they would like their partner to do, or do differently. Have each person commit to doing as many of those things as possible for ten days. Have them get creative with other ways to pleasantly surprise their mate within the ten day period, and strive to create a “raving fan” out of their partner. It’s fun, and even if one person “plays the game”, the atmosphere of the relationship can be noticeably improved…even in a relationship that already works well. Maybe you can use some of this relationship coach training in your own life.

Colette Seymann

Designated Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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