Relationship Coach Training Basics:  Coach Training You Can Use to Determine if a Couple is Compatible During the First Session

Have you ever wondered if can you take what you know from your life coach training and apply it to assess whether your relationship clients are truly compatible without signing up for extensive relationship coach training?  Is there a way to simplify relationship coach training so you can start helping your existing clients right away?    One of the keys to a successful relationship is shared values and needs.  A lot of pain and suffering could be avoided if people took a more objective look at relationships in the beginning.  Here are some coach training principles to help you lead people to a new awareness of what type of glue is holding a relationship together.

Relationship Coach Training Principle #1:  Look at Your Clients Values

There are two types of values; those people move toward and those people move away from.  Some examples of values people move toward are love, trust, heath, success, excitement, fun, courage, intelligence and adventure.  Some examples of values people move away from are fear, sadness, anger, violence, selfishness, arrogance, doubt and failure.  The key of this coach training is to identify the top values of each partner and look for compatibility.  Use this relationship coach training principle to help clients see that it’s difficult to connect if one person is attracted to excitement and the other values comfort?

Relationship Coach Training Principle #2:  Look at Your Clients Needs

You can take basic coach training on the four basic needs to the next level and apply it to relationship compatibility and relationship coach training.  What needs drive a person’s actions?  One stereotypical male pattern is to be significance and certainty driven, and many women are driven by love & connection and variety.  Is it a wonder why it’s so hard for couples to stay together if one person is moving the furniture around on a weekly basis or planning large parties while the other just wants to come home and surf the internet after conquering the world at work.

Relationship Coach Training Principle #3:  Do the Math

What does it take for a couple to be compatible?  Relationship coach training will tell you that, ideally a couple should share the top two values and have the same needs in the same order.  Is that really possible?  Is there any coach training to help those people who don’t share similar needs and values?

With a little relationship coach training you might try to help couple who has decided to go against the odds.  Help them find common interests and learn to respect and help each other with their goals.  Some coach training tools can be used to mitigate problems in areas of contention, even if it’s just making time for each other and visiting the other person’s world.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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