Professional Coaching Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

Just a few clicks on Google and you can find myriad professional coaching tips. Most of them are great advice for both new and experienced coaching. Most professional coaches have heard them all before.

Professional Coaching Tips
Professional Coaching Tips – Viacheslav Iakobchuk ©

New Advice for New and Old Coaches

For coaches, learning is a lifelong endeavor – you should never stop pursuing knowledge, taking classes, or learning more about your profession. Sometimes when you think you’ve heard it all before, you run across something new.

Professional coaching tips you’ve never heard before can bolster your business, give you new ideas, and provide a new direction for your coaching career.

New advice can help propel the careers of old coaches to new levels. New advice can help give wings to new coaches. All advice is good – new advice is better!

5 Professional Coaching Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

  1. Act like an authority. No, don’t act like an ass or be arrogant. Just act like you know what you’re doing, even if you are a bit unsure. New and inexperienced coaches often face situations that fall outside their training, education, or experience. When this happens, do you stumble around for words? Do you act like you’ve never been there before? Of course not! Act like you’ve seen it and done it and heard it before.
  2. Give it away for free. You’ve probably heard this before – give away a few coaching sessions for free. It’s good advice and one of the most important tips you can get, but there is one more part that should be added to that advice. Give it away for free and get results like they’re paying you $1000 per hour! You must give your free clients as much attention and expertise as you do every paying client. In the vernacular of our times: Free Clients Matter!
  3. Practice Mindfulness. That’s right – you should be meditating. What kind of professional coaching tip is this, you ask? It’s a good one! Meditation can help you find clarity and direction, and it can be a vital coaching tool to use with your clients. It’s not hard – it’s quite easy to do, actually!
  4. Tell them what to do. Most professional coaching tips and suggestions are about making sure that the client finds the solution and answers. As a coach, you don’t tell them what to do, you help guide them, inspire them, motivate them, and assess their goals and actions. Good advice for certain. However, there are times when it’s good to tell them what to do. Not often, but knowing when those moments occur can help you find more outcomes for your clients.
  5. Passion doesn’t equal profits. Being passionate about coaching is a good thing. Having a passion for helping others will help you be a better coach. However, it won’t bring you enough profits to make it in the business. Some professional coaching tips will tell you to go with your passion, and that’s not bad advice. However, there is so much more than making it as a coach than just having passion. It takes patience, hard work, skills constant learning, branding, and marketing. Passion is good – marketing, education, experience, and hard work will turn that passion into profits!

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