Nine Sales Coaching Tips Techniques Proven to Work

Most sales and marketing executives will agree that sales coaching tips techniques are necessary to become effective in their roles as managers. However, you will see that many are still finding it challenging to master sales coaching. 

What is Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching is a coaching niche that helps promote individuals’ growth within the sales and marketing team of an organization. Sales coaching focuses on improving or maximizing performance and achieving goals. The overall objective of sales coaching is to create an environment where team members can be motivated to excel and take greater responsibility for what they do.

The Goals of Sales Coaching

Now that we know what sales coaching is, and before we look at sales coaching tips techniques that are effective, let us first understand the goals of sales coaching.

The main goal of sales coaching is to:

  • Assess strengths and areas for improvement
  • Provide ongoing feedback
  • Develop knowledge and skills
  • Inspire self-motivation
  • Strengthen relationships

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Sales Coaching Tips Techniques That Work to Achieve Desired Goals

To achieve the fundamental or primary goal of sales coaching in management, one must consider adopting the following proven sales coaching tips techniques.

  1. Preparation – Getting prepared for your coaching session is key to effective sales coaching. As managers, you need to prepare to engage your team,ask thought-provoking questions, and share thoughtful perspectives, feedback, and ideas.
  2. Perform an Assessment – To improve coaching and work performance, it is essential to provide a clear assessment of things to see where your mistakes lie and learn from them. A proper evaluation helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to make positive change. 
  3. Setting Clear Expectations – To achieve desired results, clearly defined goals must be set with your team. You and your sales team must begin with a shared goal that everyone on the team is willing to commit to. These goals must be realistic to everyone involved. 
  4. Be Ready to Listen – Tune in to what your sales team is saying, pay attention to your body language and your state of mind. Avoid interrupting and let them know you are hearing what they are saying and be ready to respond accordingly.
  5. Non- Directive Coaching Method – This method allows the sales team to formulate their own solutions and actions due to listening and questioning from the sales manager. Here, the sales manager/coach does more of the asking (asking powerful open-ended questions) and less of the telling. Let your team decide on the best course of action. It empowers them to find solutions to the problem. 
  6. Try New Approaches – There are several sales coaching tips techniques out there. Research what’s going to work best for your team and their needs. Obtain input/feedback from them individually on your coaching style and performance in your one on one sessions. You will then be able to recognize what’s working and what’s not.
  7. Be a Motivator – Instead of focusing on numbers alone, devote more time to motivating your team. Take time to find out what inspires them and take action.  
  8. Provide Feedback – Providing ongoing feedback goes a long way. Make an effort to spend quality one on one as well as group time together with your sales team. Feedback can be done in-person or virtually, discussing growth opportunities. 
  9. Follow up – Consistent follow up helps to effect positive change. It fosters an atmosphere of accountability and demonstrates a commitment to coaching.

If you want to be effective in your role as a sales manager and in improving performance and building a successful sales team, putting into practice, these nine sales coaching tips techniques will enable you to achieve that. 

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