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Sales coaching is tough, but with these sales coaching tips, techniques, and tactics you can change your methodology and boost your client’s ability to pump up their sales team. The force will awaken – the sales force that its, and you will become the sales coach who gets things done!

Coaching Tips
Coaching Tips

5 Reasons Why Sales Coaching Fails

Sales management is often not enough to ensure the success of a sales force – they often must be coached on how to perform their job and get things accomplished.  But, sales coaching isn’t always effective – here are a few reasons why:

  • Having inconsistent standards – a sales coach must treat everyone the same. Expectations must be set for everyone and assessments must be uniform and similar.
  • Thinking bottom line – this goes against everything you are taught, but sales does not have to be a results-oriented business at all times.
  • Not looking at the data – this one contradicts the previous one a bit, but ignoring data will cause you to miss specific insights on how well the sales processes are working.
  • Setting unrealistic expectations – all coaches should understand this – you must set realistic goals so goals can be accomplished and achieved.
  • Too much telling – all coaches know this, also. Don’t tell – ask and show!

From these reasons sales coaching fails, we can generate several sales coaching tips, techniques, and tactics to improve your coaching and boost your sale coaching business.

5 Sales Coaching Tips Techniques and Tactics That Work

There are many sales coaching tips, techniques, and tactics that are effective is boosting the effectiveness of a sales force, but here is a small sample of some of the best tips, techniques and tactics that you can employ to give any sales force a proverbial kick in the butt:

  • More asking and less telling. This one comes right out of every coaching handbook. Asking more questions will empower the sales force to seek their own solutions and not become dependent on you or a sales manager to solve all their issues.
  • Work more on the process and less on the results. Results matter – more sales is good and less sales is bad. But, focusing on only the results will not effectively change the problem, Just as someone would focus on the symptoms only and not the underlying problem causing a disease, this approach is only a short term fix. One of the most effective sales coaching tip, technique, or tactic is to be work on the process first, and the results will follow.
  • Assess, measure, and learn from your mistakes. If you don’t have ways to properly measure and asses your coaching performance, you won’t be able to change tactics and learn from your mistakes. Having an effective way to receive feedback and measure results will make you a much better coach.
  • Set realistic goals. This is one of those sales coaching tips, techniques, and tactics that is often overlooked, but identifying goals that are easily reached is an important motivator, especially when you begin coaching a specific manager or team. Your goals can get a bit more difficult after achieve some of the initial ones.
  • No list of sales coaching tips, techniques, and tactics would be complete without this one – focus on solutions, not problems. Yes, you have probably been hired based on specific problems, but focusing on the problems is a glass-half full strategy. To be a great sales coach, you need to be a glass-half full coach and focus on the solutions.

Give this strategy a try and see for yourself that it works. If you liked this coaching tip, leave a comment or use the handy bookmark buttons below to share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. Thanks!

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  1. Queenie says

    I totally agree with the author that what is more important is the process, the results will follow. Many make the mistake of thinking that reaching your quota is the only important thing that matters. One fails to realize that one has to take a step at a time!

  2. Rockie Van Gough says

    I believe that if you are able to sell yourself, whatever product you hold would be so easy to sell. If you are not convinced yourself ,and don’t sound convincing, how can you convince others?

  3. Sherly says

    I like the fact that you stated all the major wrong points as to why sales coaching fails, hopefully after people have read this, they will understand the different things that they would need to do.

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