New Seminar For Coaches: Public Speaking to Get Clients

Next week you can learn how to use public speaking to get coaching clients from Master Trainer, Arvee Robinson.

This ONE TIME EVENT covering how to get coaching clients using public speaking will be in San Diego on Wednesday, February 24.


To register and learn how to grow your coaching business with persuasive speaking (at no charge), go HERE.

But, do it NOW, because the program is limited to 200 people (and I’m certain that it’ll be FULL by around Friday, because some of my friends (who have GURU LEVEL followings) have invited their clients to participate as well).

I’ve personally used these techniques to get as many as 57 new coaching clients from just ONE EVENT. This is the quickest way to attract more coaching clients that are hungry to work with you.

Once you know Arvee’s techniques, you can do it effortlessly

This is a $597 training, but because you’re looking at this blog post, you can
come as my guest.

Over the past six years, my friend, Arvee Robinson has generated all her new clients, and all her income in her coaching business from public speaking.


In fact, she speaks several times a week and attracts coaching clients EVERY TIME SHE SPEAKS.

I’ve seen her in action, and there’s no question… Arvee’s the real thing…

So, when Arvee called me recently… and let it slip that she’s got something fresh to share with coaches… I got very, very excited.

Even better… she’s giving it away to you because of her relationship with my company.

You gotta love that.

I would privately urge her to charge you for this… but then, what do I know?

If she’s gonna give it away, we’ll be first in line to grab it.

Jeffrey T. Sooey

Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

CEO, JTS Advisors

P.S. Remember to mark you calendar for Wednesday, February 24 for this event.  To register and learn how to grow your coaching business with persuasive speaking (at no charge), go HERE.

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