Million Dollar Coach Implementation Program: What is Authority Marketing?

Authority Marketing? What does the Million Dollar Coach Implementation Program say it is, and how does one achieve it?

The Million Dollar Coach Implementation Program by Taki Moore

Taki Moore is universally known to be one of the most influential and represented coach trainers in the world today.  He is the author of the number one bestseller coaching book, “Million Dollar Coach,” the creator of the Million Dollar Coach Implementation Program, and the founder of Coach Marketing Machine.  He offers customized coaching, mentoring, webinar and networking sessions with some of the world’s most renowned coaches, through his various programs including the million dollar coach implementation course.

The million dollar coach implementation program typically comprises nine components that Moore calls projects that will transform the individual into the seven-figure coach he or she aspires to be. The program’s primary goal is to reveal to individuals how they can make more money, create more meaning, and enjoy more freedom.  It achieves this by focusing on the three core areas of an individual’s coaching business:

  • ATTRACT leads
  • CONVERT leads into clients
  • DELIVER your coaching business

This ten-week online program or course is delivered by video and worksheet and is uniquely designed to speedily transform one’s coaching business. Taki Moore uses his book, Million Dollar Coach, to expatiate on specific steps to implement in your coaching business. You will get more essentials and more visuals when you attend the course.  Out of the nine projects, the one that has intrigued me the most is authority marketing.

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Authority Marketing: Project No #6

Well, according to Taki Moore, authority marketing has to do with working relentlessly to become the irrefutable leader in one’s field. He talks about creating an online platform that sets you apart, a platform that merely makes you the obvious choice for your target market.

With authority marketing, the ultimate goal is to establish yourself as the authority in your coaching niche. You need to have gone above and beyond to ensure your prospective clients are aware of your expertise. Be the go-to expert in your local community, in your virtual (online) community, pretty much everywhere your products and services can reach. Taki Moore states, “If you don’t have it, no one is going to listen to you.” That is indeed true; you can’t give what you do not have. People ordinarily have to see what sets you apart from others. Why should they come to you and not your direct competition? You need to show them that.

And so, the million dollar question is, how can you undoubtedly become that authority to your target market? How about signing up for Taki Moore’s widely talked about Million Dollar Implementation Program to determine what you need to do to become an indisputable leader in your specialty. 

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