Marketing For Coaches: The Power Of The Ebook

Marketing for coaches is never easy for any business owner. Many very good coaches don’t make a red cent coaching because they simply run away from marketing like it’s a deadly virus that’ll kill them if they get anywhere near it. Marketing is about knowing your customer all the way down to their dirty underwear,  and then telling your prospects in writing, videos, social media, and face-to-face that “I know what it’s like for you and what you’re stressing out about right now and I can be the lever you need to bare down on that’ll push you forward in life.

Why would you fear marketing to your customers if you know it’s the only way you’re really going to be able to help lots of people in need of coaching? Marketing for coaches begins with knowing thy customer. If you want to start a life coaching business or you’re already a life coach and want to get better at marketing, then stop resisting taking action on creating your eBook.  Ebook Marketing helps you get more clients now. There’s one thing you can do in the next 24 hours to pull the trigger on blasting through your number one weakness even if you’re not a writer.

Marketing for coaches in the next 24 hours

Stop thinking you’re going to sell people and coach your mindset right now to become a servant for your coaching clients. People hate to be sold but they love to buy. Do you know your customer? Who do you coach? Is it everyone? The first step in marketing is you need to come to grips with you can’t be all things to all people. Select a group of people you can serve and provide proof that you really do know what they’re facing in life. Get a niche. You need to get out of the general and get into the specific and propel your life coaching business fast-forward now.

Power of Writing Ebooks for coaches

Writing an Ebook can be the one thing that’ll change your life in just a few hours of work. It’ll be powerful to write down the secrets your coaching clients need to know to make a difference in their life. Creating your own product is the number 1 marketing for coaches secret that’ll give you confidence and pride Of becoming an author and help you make your marketing message clear and concise.

You’ll become a life coach and author who people will recognize as a budding coach who’s experienced and able to help people in your niche through writing. Once you get marketing for coaches, you’ll be known as a coach who publishes great content on the keys to get people in your marketing niche living life more fully.

If you take my marketing advice and write your eBook from the view of your niche, you should be able to get your Ebook done in a single weekend. If writing an eBook isn’t your strength, then don’t let that kill you. Make a recording of you sharing your content instead of writing an eBook. You can shoot a quick video too with your video camera and upload it to YouTube.

Now you have options for getting your eBook in front of your audience. You can sell your eBook online and make money coaching people through writing an eBook, creating your video, or recording yourself speaking your content. You’ll be able to reach many more people in your life coaching business through well crafted content than you’d ever be capable of doing through personal life coaching.

Another easy marketing for coaches tip is to promote your Ebook on your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, and don’t forget your YouTube channel if it’s a video. You need a web page for whatever content you create and share the link to it on social media.

Putting your eBook online

Create a webpage that’s only about getting access to download your Ebook, video, or audio. Give it a great headline which includes a benefit. List a few bullets which outline the benefits your niche will get by downloading your content, and ask for their contact information in exchange for your 3 secrets or 10 tips to getting a breakthrough in their life.

Now stay in touch with the people who show interest in your eBook. You have their contact information and invite these future coaching clients using email marketing to join you for countless of other marketing activities you’ll put together in the future. Email marketing is another valuable marketing for coaches must do that I’ll outline for you in future articles.

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