What is The Relationship Coaching Institute?

If you are considering becoming a relationship coach, it might be a good idea to take a look at the website for the Relationship Coaching institute? This coaching program just might have what it takes to help you jump start your career and begin your journey to success.

Relationship Coaching Institute
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What is the Relationship Coaching Institute?

The institute is all about helping a student get the right training to become the best coach they can be. It also focuses on business development, something that many coaching programs ignore.

No matter how good you are as a coach, you won’t be a successful coach unless you are also a successful entrepreneur.

The Pyramid for Coaching Success

The relationship coach institute uses pyramid to display how they push their students toward success and prosperity. This pyramid has three important parts and portrays the basics of their coaching program.

World-class training. This is the base of their program. It all starts with great coach training and you can’t find any better training. To be a successful coach, you first need to possess the tools and skills that can help you find the outcomes your clients seek. The institute specializes in relationship coach training – they do one thing and they do it very well!

Business-in-a-box. At the middle of the pyramid is their business-in-a-box training. They provide the tools need to build a business and they offer an easy-to-follow system that will grow a coaching business. Many coaching programs skip this part of the training. But, how can you fulfill your dreams of being a successful coach, if you have no idea how to start and operate a business?

Mentoring and support. Many coaching programs end when the student graduates. It’s different at the Relationship Coaching Institute. Their members and graduates receive ongoing support and mentoring as the are committed to their students continued success. Your training will never really end when you make the decision to sign up with the Relationship Coaching Institute.

5 Reasons RCI is a Great Choice for Relationship Coach Training

  • They teach coaching. This is the base of their pyramid and the foundation of their business. They have coaches who know how to coach teach new coaches the right skills and tolls for them to become successful.
  • They use practicum and mentoring. RCI offers classes and mentors to help students become better coaches and be prepared to start their own coaching practices.
  • They provide certification. Though it is not required, and clients don’t often ask about it, being certified proves that you are committed to high standards and strive to be the best you can be.
  • They prepare you to be a coach. RCI not only teaches skills, knowledge, and tools, they also teach you how to apply your new coaching knowledge in the real world.
  • They prepare you to get clients and make money! This is the business part of the training. The Relationship Coaching Institute offers a step-by-step business success system which helps their graduates build successful business and become prosperous coaches.

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