Life Coaching Definition: Making Sense of It All

In general, the widely accepted life coach definition is this: a professional who helps people achieve their goals or bring changes in their lives. Life coaches assist their clients to improve their relationships, careers, day-to-day lives, and so on. In most cases, people turn to life coaches for help in making lives more meaningful and happier.

What does a life coach do according to the widely accepted life coaching definition?

Life coaches help and guide people in the following different ways:

  1. Help in identifying goals

Life coaches analyze and interpret your dreams and ideas and organize them to find out what you want to achieve in your life. They use a unique strategy, not only to help you in identifying your goals but also guide you in redirecting your goals to make them more realistic and achievable. 

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  1. Help in achieving goals

Life coaches also guide people in achieving their goals. They help get people from where they are to where they want to be by supporting, motivating, and holding them responsible for realizing their goals. 

  1. Guide you through changes and obstacles in life

Life coaches are responsible for guiding you through changes and obstacles in life. They ultimately lead you to success, fulfillment, healthiness, and happiness. 

  1. Assist in making the right decisions in life

Life coaches are best at assisting you in making the right decisions for yourself by equipping you with impactful tactics and methods.

  1. Validate your decisions

Life coaches also validate your decisions by objectively looking at your ideas and giving you unbiased judgment.

You’re probably wondering what’s the difference between a life coach and a therapist since their roles look similar. There are key differences between a life coach and a therapist:

  • Therapists focus on mental health conditions and healing. They are degree holders and licensed professionals. Conversely, life coaches cannot treat mental health conditions. They only help and guide you in dealing with certain unresolved problems and obstacles in life.
  • Therapists investigate your past and help you in dealing with issues like traumas. On the other hand, life coaches mostly look toward your future and help you find your path to a better, healthier, meaningful, and happier life.
  • Therapists focus on a certain issue and help you solve that problem or deal with it. Contrarily, life coaches are solution-focused and guide you in getting from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

What a life coach is not

Now that you’ve a grasp of what being a life coach means, let’s wrap this article up with what a life coach is not. As a life coach, you don’t advise or tell your clients what to do in life. Life coaches help clients find out what is best for them. They make their clients find answers by themselves through discussions, reflections, brainstorming, and suggestions. Ultimately, life coaches help people to be the best versions of themselves and allow them to shine according to their ability, rhythm, and flow.

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