Life Coaching Business Coaching Success Stories: Taking Someone From Interested to Committed

Coaching Success Stories in the Life Coaching Business Aren’t Formed on Interest Alone

How fast can someone start a life coaching business?  The answer lies in how committed you are to creating a life coaching business.  And please don’t confuse commitment with interested.  Interest is doing what’s convenient or comfortable.  Commitment is doing what is takes to get it done.  Until you reach the commitment level, the obstacles are likely to stop you.  These coaching success stories will help the difference come to life.

Moving From Interest to Commitment: Coaching Success Stories

One of my clients was starting a life coaching business.  He was wanted coaching on internet marketing strategy to generate leads and accountability for implementation.  As he was working on his video blog, moving the free line, and developing content, he realized that he didn’t quite know how to enroll individual clients.  He was interested in how to run free session so we went over a syntax together and he committed to running a few free sessions with his wife and friends.  He asked for referrals, and eventually coached a 3rd generation lead.  This is one of the great coaching success stories because it took him less than 2 weeks to go from ‘interested’ to enrolling his first paying client into a 6 month coaching program.

Other coaching success stories my not be as dramatic, but the key to success is again about commitment.  In my life coaching business I am coaching a veteran real estate agent who had not made a sale in over 6 months.  He had shifted back to residential real estate from commercial, but was not making calls.  He was interested in ways to generate new business, but wasn’t calling anyone from his database.  Once he committed to making calls again, his business started picking up in less than a month.  His success wasn’t directly from making the calls, but others around him starting taking note that he was committed to his business again and now he is back on track.  In his mind, making the calls became inconsistent with his old self-perception of himself.  He became committed enough to his own success that he was willing to risk loosing some certainty.

A Life Coaching Business Cannot Survive on Skills Alone

I know a coach who is interested in starting a life coaching business.  Unfortunately he is not one of these coaching success stories yet.  He hasn’t overcome the critical mass of activity that needs to be made before you start getting results.  He is still dipping his toe into the water.  Does he have the skills to be a really good coach?  Yes, but he’ rather put his energy into getting another certification than sticking his neck out and running some free sessions and actually getting on the court.  Once he’s out on the court, he’ll either rise to the challenge and become committed, or he’ll realize that it’s more fun to take coaching courses than to transform your life.

Do you want to become one of the top coaching success stories to remember?  Are you taking massive action?  Are you expanding your comfort zone?  To start a successful life coaching business you’ll have to be committed to the ‘not if; when’ mentality.  There is a reason why there are more people who are interested in climbing Mount Everest than people who actually make the trip.  And in all the coaching success stories I’ve ever heard; the more obstacles a person has to overcome, the greater the need for commitment.  And the greater the commitment, the sweeter the victory.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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