Life Coach Training: Super Coaching Techniques to Help Your Clients Overcome Burnout

We could all use a little extra life coach training in this area. Clients may KNOW what they want to DO, but they don’t DO what they KNOW they need to do. For 9 out of 10 clients, Fear or Boredom is their biggest challenge. In the process of trying to get through their blocks, they often burn themselves out.

Here are some “Super Coaching Techniques to help your clients start moving forward.

“Super Coaching Techniques” #1 – Understanding the problem. As clients keep pushing themselves more and more, burnout can cause a clients’ life to “circle the drain”.

Burnout can keep them from:

  • Money
  • Freedom
  • Success

Burnout can affect their health, and lead to adrenal exhaustion. This happens when someone is using adrenaline so much during the day, that they deplete their adrenaline stores and get sick.

“Super Coaching Techniques” #2 – Recovering from Physical burnout:

To do this, your client needs to:

  • Get 7 hours of rest per night, minimum.
  • Drink 3 + liters of water daily.
  • Eat lightly. Have them stop eating before the are satiated.
  • Get 30 minutes of exercise, at least 2 times per week

Remember to use all your life coach training skills to provide support and accountability.

“Super Coaching Techniques” #3 – Overcoming Psychological burnout:

No amount of willpower will combat psychological burnout (There’s just never enough will power to go around.) There are 2 aspects of this problem. Fear and Procrastination, which are problems of motivation.

  • Fear: moving away from pain
  • Procrastination: very low motivation

How do you recover from psychological burnout?

If willpower doesn’t work, then what will? Here’s a mini life coach training to help your clients rekindle their passion:

Mini Life Coach Training STEP 1: Have your clients select their MOST IMPORTANT Goal…

probably not their short term goal unless they are just really stuck in the moment. Ideally this would be their 3-5 year dream. Have your clients visualize their dream, make it big, and then turn up the brightness. Then have them step into the picture and see it through their own eyes, instead of as an observer.

Then, ask them 4 questions:

  • What will you get when you achieve this goal?
  • How will it feel when you get each of those rewards? (Have them be specific with the emotions, i.e. loved, fulfilled.)
  • What would the negative consequences be if you did not achieve this result?
  • How would it feel to deal with those negative consequences?

Mini Life Coach Training STEP 2: Breaking though Burnout in the Long Term.

Have your client create a long term vision. A goal that will take 5-20 years to achieve. This will be the “tide” that keeps them going even through small “ripples” of life.

  • What could they be the best in the world at?
  • What are they most passionate about?
  • What could they do to make money?
  • What could they do to make a difference in the world?

You can also tap into your clients ‘control room’ in their mind with this powerful coaching technique:

Picture the brain as the control room. To access the controls, you can use language (i.e. self-talk, etc.), focus/belief (stay focused on the positive, create supportive beliefs), or physiology (smile, stand up straight, breathing techniques, etc.). Physiology is the #1 key, which is why we started this mini life coach training with diet, exercise, and hydration.

Get your clients to grab the controls.

  • Have them stand up (This gets them to change their physiology)
  • Have your client visualize a moment of passion in their past. (This gets them to use focus).
  • Then have them visualize a moment of passion in their future (This gets them to use focus).
  • Ask them how those moment make them feel, and encourage them to talk about their feeling more.  (This gets them to use language patterns)

Mini Life Coach Training STEP 3: Get Your Client to Take Action Towards Their Goals.

Keep your client accountable to taking action in the direction of their goals and vision.  This will create some momentum in that direction and reinforce all the coach training techniques your just learned.

Using these powerful coaching techniques will help just about anyone move from being burnt out, to back on track for success.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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