Life Coach Relationship Training Homework: Coach Training To Help Your Clients Get Back That “Lovin’ Feeling”

Is there any life coach relationship training homework that can help clients who feel their relationship is hopeless?  This coach training will help you turn around most relationships in 1 month, even if only one of the two partners is involved in coaching.

Coach Training Week #1 – Discover the Difference Between Reacting and Responding

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework Week 1:  The coach training for this week is to make sure your client knows the difference between reacting and responding to their spouse.  When we’re reacting, we’re usually feeling that we’ve been attacked.  Just like in the “fight or flight” response to danger.  In this state, we loose our ability to problem solve and look at options.  So during the first week, have your clients take a “time out” every time they get angry with their spouse.  Have them wait until they feel they can respond to what has happened, without feeling the outcome is a matter of life or death.

Coach Training Week #2 – Discover Your Partner’s Needs

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework Week 2:  Once your clients have begun to master their own responses, they are ready for the next step of this coach training.  Have them sit down with their partner and ask with curiosity where their partner’s needs are getting met in the relationship, and what improvement would they like to see.  The key to success in this homework is to make sure your clients listen with curiosity and not get defensive.

Coach Training Week #3 – Apply New Knowledge and Make Changes

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework Week 3:  With the information gathered from the previous week, your client is now ready to apply the knowledge gained from the previous coach training.  Have your client to commit to making as many changes as possible for the next 10 days, without the expectation that their spouse will reciprocate.  By doing this, your client will begin to demonstrate a deeper form of love; one that is given freely without strings attached.

Coach Training Week #4 – Reassess and Repeat

Life Coach Relationship Training Homework Week 4:  The last aspect of this coach training is to have your client reassess where things stand in their relationships.  Then to apply this knowledge to help your client fine tune whichever steps need work.

The keys to this life coach relationship training homework and coach training is to help your clients understand that in order to experience a love they haven’t experienced before, they will have to do things they haven’t done before.  Encourage your clients to take a stand for their relationships, and be examples of what is possible.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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