Life Coach Accredited Training Schools in The United States

There are many life coach accredited training schools that offer quality training to its students. These schools provide their coach training using different platforms i.e. online and in a traditional classroom setting. If you are looking to get certified as a life coach, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right training program.

Life Coach Accredited Training Schools in The United States

Choosing The Right Coach Training School

A few key considerations when selecting an accredited training program in the United States are :

β€’ Costs of Training – In addition to the tuition costs, you will want to find out if the school offers a payment plan? What type of methods of payment are accepted? e.g credit cards, PayPal).

β€’ Location/ Delivery Method of Training: Does the school offer web-based training, DVD or Video-based, instructor-led classroom training or all three?

β€’ Length of Program -How long does it take to complete the training?

β€’ Are there any prerequisites or course requirements needed to be satisfactorily completed prior to enrolling?

β€’ What is the school’s coaching philosophy?

β€’ What are the qualifications or expertise of the coaching instructors and facilitators?

β€’ What type of accreditation does the school have?

β€’ If you are planning to select a niche, choosing the right school that can help you be effective in your specialized area of coaching is important.

Reputable Life Coach Accredited Training Programs to Meet Your Needs

When you enroll in any quality life coach training program, you will be able to discover strategies and approaches that will enable you to succeed in the life coaching profession. Listed are a few institutions that offer recognized accredited coach training.

1. The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) – located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey – ICF Accreditation Program Length is 217 days.

2. Coach U – Bradenton, Florida – ICF Accreditation – Program Length is 44 days – Tuition Costs is $US Dollars 4,195.

3. Coach Training Institute (CTI) – San Rael, California – ICF Accreditation – Program Length is 12 months – Tuition Costs is $ US Dollars 11,140.

4. Erickson Coaching International – Vancouver, BC – ICF Accreditation – Program Length is 180 days – Tuition costs are $ CDN 8,825 ( Although based in Canada, this organization offers training to students in the US).

5. Coach Training Alliance – Boulder, Colorado – Program Length is 180 days- Tuition costs is $ US Dollars 2,897.

6. Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) – ICF Accreditation

7. Coach Training EDU – Portland, Oregon – ICF Accreditation Program Length is 180 days – Tuition costs is $ US Dollars 2,750

8. Life Coaching Institute of America (LCIA) – San Antonio, Texas – ICF Accreditation

9. Coach-Net International – Program Length is 142 days – Tuition costs is $ US Dollars 4,397

10. Life Purpose Institute – San Diego, California – ICF & CCE Accreditation – Program Length is 93 days – Tuition costs is $ US Dollars 3,600

11. Empowerment Coach Academy – Program Length is 12 months – Tuition costs is $7,500

12. World Coaching Institute – Boca Raton, Florida – ICF & CCE Accreditation-Program Length is 56 days – Tuition costs is $ US Dollars 2,347

So are you ready to get started with a life coach accredited training school that addresses your needs? If your answer is Yes, then I will encourage you to consider the training providers listed in this article and get started fulfilling your dream as a Certified Life Coach Professional.

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