Life Coach Accreditation USA: What You Need to Know

An article title like “Life Coach Accreditation USA” may not arouse the interest of coaches to get credentialed, but I bet statistics would. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the life coaching industry is rapidly growing at an annual rate of 4.7% and has exceeded the $1 billion thresholds in the USA. That makes the industry one of the fastest and largest growing industries with life coaches having the highest demand and employment rates. The reason behind such a rise is the quality and training of life coaches that accreditation ensures.

Life Coach Accreditation USA: What is an Accredited Life Coaching Program?

An accredited life coaching program is a training and educational program offered by a well-reputed coach training school that is accredited by coaching accreditation bodies such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), the International Association of Coaching (IAC), and the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE).

Accreditation gives your clients confidence that you have the coaching credentials to help them get results. It also allows you to be a recognised coach anywhere in the world.

ICF Certification VIDEO

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Life Coach Accreditation USA: The Benefits

Successful life coaches generally have some common traits such as a passion to help others, strong leadership qualities, quick decision-making, communication skills, and so on. These traits are important to become a successful life coach but coaches who are credentialed belong to a self-regulating community of elite coaches who ensure accountability to their clients as well as the coaching industry overall. Among other benefits of accreditation include the following: 

  • Provides foundational knowledge that is a prerequisite of becoming a life coach.
  • Develops skills required for a life coaching profession such as organizational, communication, decision making, and so on.
  • Makes you flexible enough to quickly adjust how you deal with different clients.
  • Intellectually stimulates your mind to become a great coach and effectively deal with clients who engage you in intellectually stimulating conversations. 
  • Accredited life coaches are more likely to be highly demanded and command higher salaries.

Coaching Accreditation USA: Factors to Consider When Evaluating an Accredited Life Coaching Program 

Choosing the right coaching training school is as important as the coaching accreditation itself. Therefore, you must consider the following factors when evaluating a life coach accreditation program. 

  • Always select a training program that is approved by the ICF or any other coaching association as approved programs are always better and make you a better coach. 
  • Choose the program that offers flexible delivery such as online or on-site and also provides support to students during and after the training program. 
  • Go for the accreditation program that has a transparent and easy-to-understand fee structure without any hidden cost.

The Wrap Up

Life coach accreditation programs are the best if you want to excel in your coaching career. Accredited life coaches always have better opportunities in the life coaching industry. However, it is important to enroll in a training program that is approved by a coaching accreditation body and choose a coach training school that has a good reputation in the coaching community.

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