Find Your Learning Portal: Where to Learn Life Coaching

The dream of becoming a life coach is no longer elusive and the first step to becoming a coach is to find out where to learn life coaching

Where to Learn Life Coaching

The World Wide Web boom has brought coaching to your keyboard. Online coaching courses offer great conveniences, flexibility, and a quality education brought to your computer. If you are wondering where to learn how to life coach online, here are two places where you can kick start your coaching education:

  1. Online Courses by Coaching Training Schools

Many established coaching training schools are offering courses in varied coaching specialties through online courses. While choosing an online coaching course and where to learn life coaching, consider the following:

  • What are the basic qualifications you need to be eligible for a coaching course and are there any tests you need to take?
  • Is the coaching training school reliable? Does it have the required accreditations?
  • How large are the classes? When the class strength is smaller, then each student will receive more time from the instructors. On the other hand, a large enrollment indicates success of the course. So you need to carefully weigh all the different aspects.

Before registering for an online coaching course, you need to spend some time thinking. Do I want to do a course that will further my coaching career or learn something that I have an abiding interest in? Will I be fully devoted and complete the course in time? Take a look at your schedules and find out where you will slot in time for learning.

Research blogs and other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to find out about the opinion and experiences of students who have satisfactorily completed coaching courses or are disgruntled. Read surveys and analysis about courses offered by the school. Ask the school for referrals and examine alumni success. Find out what percentage of students successfully complete the program and how many work professionally in the field of coaching.

  1. Short Online Courses by Third-Party Providers

Online learning platforms (e.g. Udemy or Skillshare) that offer quality coaching tutorials on the web could be great places to learn life coaching. The range of courses on offer could be huge and could cover every aspect of life coaching.

The great thing about this learning method is that the courses are international and therefore open doors to international clients. It would be a good idea to enroll in English coaching courses and other foreign coaching courses if you speak languages like French, Spanish or Mandarin.

By learning these short coaching courses, you will be able to learn a huge number of tutorials and simple courses that will increase your knowledge over time.

The aim would be to enroll only in decent and quality coaching tutorials so that you can learn something that will keep new clients coming back and giving you repeat business. Long term, you can even have your own video and audio courses and add them to your website to make it easier for your clients to learn quickly.

Video tutorials will be huge in the future! If a picture speaks a thousand words imagine the power of learning by video. Unlike normal teachers, recorded Internet tutorials never get angry or lose their patience. If you are a fast learner, you can go at a faster pace and if not, all you have to do is replay the coaching course you’ve enrolled in several times before you master it.

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