Life and Business Coach Yearly Salary: Trends and More

Global life and business coach trends 

The number one trend in life and business coaching is the same one that’s driving all other industries: Health. People want to be healthy, and they want to improve their lives by learning new skills. The more skills you know, the more opportunities you have, and health is key to those opportunities.

Healthy living means eating well and exercising regularly, but it also means having good mental health. Mental health issues are on the rise around the world, with depression being widespread and anxiety disorders also becoming more common. People need help managing these conditions so they can live happy lives and achieve their goals. More people are working from home now than ever before, which means that remote coaching is becoming more popular than ever before as well.

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Average life and business coach yearly salary

According to PayScale, the average annual life coach salary is $43,000. This is the national median, meaning that half of all life coaches in the country make more than this amount, and half make less. The best way to find out your salary as a life coach is by looking at the salary data for life coaches on PayScale.

As for business coaches, they earn an average of $41,000 yearly. Salaries for business coaches with less than five years of experience are generally lower than those with more than five years of experience. Business coaches who work in the government sector tend to earn higher salaries than other types of business coaches. Researchers predict that employment opportunities will grow at a rate of 30 percent between 2014 and 2024, which is much faster than the average for all occupations during this period.

The average life and business coach yearly salary varies widely depending on factors such as experience and location. For example, people who work as professional coaches may earn significantly more than those who work as personal or executive coaches.

How can business and life coaches increase their salaries?

The first step is to make sure you’re charging enough for your services. If your prices are too low, people will think they can get away with asking for discounts or that they don’t need to pay you a lot because they can get the same result by doing it themselves.

The second step is to make sure you’re worth what you’re charging. People will always try to negotiate down and sometimes even get a freebie, but if you can show them what they’re getting is worth the price, then they’ll often accept it.

Thirdly, make sure you deliver on what was promised and more! If someone hires a life coach and the coach promises them results within three months, but they see no change in their lives or have trouble sticking to his or her advice, then that coach is no longer worth the money they paid him or her – because it wasn’t up to the client’s expectations.


Life and business coaching yearly salaries vary greatly, depending on where coaches are located, their area of specialization, and their experience level. Many factors contribute to this salary variance, with education being one of the most significant contributing factors to how much coaches can charge. Aspiring life or business coaches should therefore work to complete a bachelor’s degree in organizational management or a related field if they wish to make a high income as a life or business coach.

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