Why Do You Need a Business Coaching Certification?

The fact is you don’t need a business coaching certification.
However, to succeed in this market whether you want to have your own business as a business coach, or to be an internal company business coach, it might be helpful to have one. It all depends on the outcome you wish to achieve.

If you wish to coach and develop staff within an organization, certification may not be necessary, but it might be desirable depending on what sort of company you want to work for. For example if you have your site set on working with the Fortune 500 group or the Blue Chip companies then you will need a MCC (Master Coach Certification) as these sort of companies seldom hire coaches without such certifications.

Standing out from the crowd in this competitive field of business coaching is important. One of the best ways to stand out is to have extraordinary experience or a business coaching certification.

Four Types of Business Coach Certificates

  • The foundational life coach and business certification. This business coaching certification is fine enough for anyone who wants to pursue coaching as a full-time occupation or wants to make coaching skill a central part of your practice as a manager or business consultant. It’s ideal for managers, human resource development, organizational development consultants, and other professionals who are moving into a coaching or training role.
  • Executive coach certification. This certification is recommended if you want to work with executives.
  • Corporate coach certification. This certification is not necessary, however, it most likely would add skills to your coaching and value to your resume or bio.
  • Master coach certification. As mentioned above, this certification is highly recommended if you want to work with fortune 500 companies. To acquire this certification you must have completed the foundational life coach certifications and possibly the executive coach certification before moving on to the master’s certification.

The Exception to Getting a Business Coaching Certification

Of course there is always the exception to the rules, and that exception is results. Results are the best qualifications, even above a business coaching certification.

Do not belittle the value of experience. If you have extraordinary experience, and wish to apply your genius to achieve amazing results to move a business forward, then you may find yourself among the top business coaches in a relatively short time with or without a business coaching certification.

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