Is Your Successful Coaching Successful for Your Client?

This is, all too often, a valid question. Too often “successful coaching” leaves the client unaffected, or worse, damaged. With coaching becoming an “in” profession, self-ordained, “master coaches” naively – if not innocently – faking their way through coaching sessions relying on a warm personality, a gentle touch and a sincere-looking smile.

Are You Coaching from Instinct and Inspiration, or Worse – Are You a Mail Order Coach?

Coaching is a well established practice of art and science. While it is based on scientific principles, it is science in action. Successful coaching combines a caring heart, scientific training and a significant number of coaching sessions where the coach-in-training, not only delivers coaching, but also receives coaching. Without all these aspects of coaches training, the coach-in-training cannot possibly mature to become a master coach properly serving their client.

Are You Coaching from Afar?

By this question I am not referring to physical proximity. I am referring to a level of rapport. Rapport, which must at times, be extremely close. That is a level of rapport which allows the coach to effectively communicate and council the client behind the protective layer of emotional scar tissue that protects us all. Clearly, this is a serious responsibility. But it must be done to bring about profound and lasting positive change for the client.

Are You Delivering Successful Coaching?

The measure of success in successful coaching is the success of the client. And this should not be measured as short term, feel-good results. It must be based on breakthrough potential and lasting positive change. With this as the measure, are you delivering successful coaching?

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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