Is Learning to Become a Life Coach Worth it?

Is learning to become a life coach worth giving up your current profession? It all depends on why you are considering a career in life coaching. Life coaching is an enriching career, but you have to honestly ask yourself it is the right profession for you.

Is Learning to Become a Life Coach Worth it?

What Does a Life Coach do?

If you are thinking of becoming a life coach, you probably want to know what coaches do. A life coach is someone who works with clients to help them achieve their desired goals. The life coach’s job is to help clients discover the solutions they probably already have within themselves; the clients are the experts on their own lives. People usually begin working with a life coach because they need some professional assessment, direction, and motivation.

The Benefits of a Life Coach to Clients

Today, many individuals can attest to the advantage of having a personal coach or life coach in their lives. Life coaches have positively impacted personal relationships and careers in ways people never imagined. Life coaches have helped clients:

• Establish and take action towards achieving desired goals.
• Contribute effectively to their work team and organization.
• Work more productively with peers, managers and other individuals
• Become more focused and self-reliant
• Enjoy more career and life satisfaction.
• Communicate more effectively.

Steps in Learning to Become a Life Coach

Learning to become a coach does not happen overnight. There are essential steps to take to enable you to have a successful life coaching career.

1. Choosing a Specialty – Within the life coaching field, there are numerous specialties you can choose from. And so to be an effective coach, you may want to consider selecting a niche; an area where you are most comfortable with, where you might have some experience or training in. For example, if you have a background in Nursing, or a passion for Healthy lifestyles, you may want to consider becoming a health & wellness coach, or a healthy lifestyle coach.

2. Enroll in a Training Program – Specialized training is often times required to be a coach. In a coach training program, you will be able to learn coaching skills, techniques, strategies, and also promotional tools needed to establish your coaching practice. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is an excellent place to begin finding a quality coach training program.

3. Acquiring a Credential – The next step to consider is becoming certified. Although certification is currently not a requirement to practice as a life coach, it is highly recommended in the coaching arena. With a coaching credential, it sets you apart, making you more marketable. Several reputable credentialing organizations provide certifications. Examples are the International Coach Federation (ICF), Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE), and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

4. Business Registration – If you are planning to start your own life coaching business, you will have to get registered in the State you live in. You will to check in with your state laws regarding the requirements necessary to become a legal business owner.

5. Advertising Your Business – By the time you are done with all your training and making your business legal, it is now time to start promoting your business. It is vital in the early stages of your business to enable people to identify who you are and what you do.

Learning to become a life coach, in my opinion, is worth it. Why? Because life coaching is a rewarding and booming career field. Coaching not only fetches you monetary rewards but most importantly, it offers you the opportunity to positively impact the lives of people. If you’re naturally gifted at motivating and empowering others, then a career in life coaching might be just for you.

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Peggy Adegoke
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