Helpful Books on How to Become a Life Coach

Few weeks ago, I was on the Amazon website ordering a couple of textbooks for my course work and I was surprised when noticed the number of books on how to become a life coach listed. As an avid reader, it was thrilling to see that many resources out there for current and prospective coaches.

Helpful Books on How to Become a Life Coach
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I believe one of the most valuable resources or materials that anyone can have to enhance learning and keep them always informed are books; be it personal development or faith-based books.

How to Find the Right Life Coaching Books

To find the right coaching books for you, you will want to consider a couple of things.
1). Locate resources that relate to your style of coaching and correlates with your worldview and niche.
2). Locate resources or books that possess a significant amount of positive reviews.
3). Locate practical books; you can regularly apply to your life coaching business.

A List of Great Books on How to Become a Life Coach

Below are a brief list and a brief description of some great books on how to become a coach that you may consider adding to your library.

I. Becoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training 1st Edition by Patrick Williams and Diane S. Menendez – This book has raving reviews and is ideal for both the new and experienced life coach. It starts out introducing life coaching as an operating system. Naturally, this is not surprising to illustrate the field of life coaching employing this term, considering one of the authors, Patrick Williams worked for Hewlett Packard and IBM in the early 90s as an executive coach. This book covers coaching fundamentals, coaching from the inside and out, etc.

II. The Life Coaching Handbook by Curly Martin – This is an essential comprehensive life coaching guide book for a life coach. It is a book that highlights what life coaching is about, how to coach yourself and others effectively, and how to create and sustain a thriving coaching practice. It directs the readers through a comprehensive program of Advanced Life Coaching Skills and contains essential NLP-based techniques that include: State Management or Control, Rapport-building, and Spiral Coaching.

III. Christian Life Coaching Handbook: Calling and Destiny Discovery Tools for Christian Life Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus – This is another great coaching book with raving reviews. The book offers a practical, comprehensive look at the tools and techniques of life coaching from a Christian worldview. For Christian coaches, it provides biblical models plus a complete set of tools for calling and life purposes discovery. The author lays out a picture of purpose that is entirely in line, with biblical leaders experiences that include suffering and sacrifice as well as joy and fulfillment.

IV. How to Become a Life Coach: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Coach and Building a Successful Career in Life Coaching Paperback by Vivian Sandau – This book offers a general overview of life coaching. It explores coaching fundamentals, establishing a successful career in life coaching, coaching tips, and more. And so If you are considering life coaching for the very first time, this resource is an excellent introduction to the business.

V. Becoming a Life Coach: A Complete Workbook for Therapists by David – Using real coaching exercises, this book teaches therapists everything they need to know to develop and maintain a thriving coaching practice. It includes information about the necessary skills, tips on integrating coaching and therapy, business models, marketing advice, and more. This book is explicitly targeted towards mental therapists trying to break into the life coaching business. It offers a complete strategy that these professionals can use to incorporate coaching into their practices.

Reading books on how to become a life coach is an excellent idea and a remarkable way to supplement the education or coach training you have already received. It doesn’t cost much to equip yourself with these valuable resources, and because the coaching industry is constantly evolving; you will want to make sure you are frequently at the top of your game.

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