How to Start Your Coach Mastermind Group

Coach Training on The Steps to Getting Started With Your Coach Mastermind Group

Getting started with your coach mastermind can be the hardest part, so put forth some serious effort during this segment of your coach mastermind journey. Before you begin, remember that most of the members should have already been through some amount of coach training, and that leadership for the coach mastermind already should have been selected (the strong leaders are a key to having this mastermind be successful).

Here is some basic coach training on the steps that the leadership in the mastermind should take to get the mastermind off on the right foot:

1.  Have the coach mastermind group organizer confirm a first call time with ALL COACHES and get everyone’s commitment that they’ll be at the first call.  (If anyone misses the first call, they will probably never make it after that, because they won’t have a say as to when the next meeting is and therefore no one will be able to accommodate their schedule).

2.  Then, the group organizer should go to and get an account.  Make sure you learn how to record and moderate calls, as well as the other call commands.

3.  The organizer will then send the confirmed coach mastermind meeting time and the conference line number to everyone in your mastermind.

4.  The coach mastermind leader should prepare the agenda for the first call (see below).

5.  Finally, the organizer should send the proper reminders (day before and day of).

Coach Training on A Basic First Call For a Coach Mastermind

1.  The group organizer will take role and CALL anyone who is not there within the first five minutes (no mastermind member left behind!).

2.  Then, the organizer should begin the recording function on the conference line for posterity.


3.  You should spend about 2 Minutes for each coach to share basic info about themselves (i.e. -name -where they live -day job -how long they’ve coached -why they joined the mastermind group)

4.  You should work out a time when EVERYONE can meet (preferably the same time every week to make it easy to remember).

5.  The leader of the coach mastermind will then set up a long term structure for the group (i.e. when each coach is going to get the mastermind’s focus/help, scheduling, rules/expectations)

6.  Then take 3 Minutes for each coach to share top 1-2 goals (hopefully coaching goals)

7.  Finally, the organizer will end call and remind when next call is.

If you have the foresight and leadership commitment to get a coach mastermind started after you go through coach training, then you have a much better chance of making things work for your coaching practice.  Take these steps to get your coach mastermind started powerfully, so that your coach training will not have been in vain!

Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community

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