How to Start a Dating Coaching Business Using These Six Tips

So now that you have chosen your niche, dating coaching! Let us figure out how to start a dating coaching business that will be profitable.

How to Start a Dating Coaching Business Using These Six Tips

Are you someone who has had much experience dating or you are just a hopeless romantic and would love to see all dates result in successful relationships? Then maybe a career as a dating coach might just be for you. But before we look at the steps that involve starting a dating coaching business, let us first of all find out who a dating coach is and what they do.

Who is a Dating Coach?

A dating coach is a professional that works with clients in initiating new romantic relationships. The coach’s primary goal is to help the client find true love by coming alongside them with the tools, resources, and techniques they need to find a life partner.

How do Dating Coaches Help People

Dating coaches:

• Empower and motivate people

• Educate people on how to be assertive

• Help people recognize their strengths and how to best use it.

• Teach effective problem-solving skills & communication skills

• Help address issues such as low self-esteem.

Tips on How to Start a Dating Coaching Business

It takes hard work and commitment to establish and maintain a business. So if you are someone who is thinking to yourself, “I would love to help people find love, it is my passion”, then here are some basic steps to help get your business started.

TIP #1: Training/Education

To be a successful dating coach and recognized in your field, a coaching certification or training in areas such as psychology is fundamentally important. If you are yet to be certified or have not received formal coach training, I will suggest you do so today. Seek out a reputable credentialing or training provider for your training.

TIP #2: Prepare For Your New Business.

I. Identifying your initial start-up costs
II. Investigating information on your coaching niche/specialty and the marketing trend
III. Identifying your target audience (clients)
IV. Deciding if you are going to have an office space, online presence, etc.
V. Figuring out what your profit margin will be
VI. Deciding if you will need a business coach to help you with your business.

TIP #3: Register Your Business

Like any other business, you must legally register your practice in the city or town you reside in. Find out if you require any permits, licensing to operate. Also, it is important to understand the different business entities like LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc. in order for you to know how to register your business. Most self-employed coaches register as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to avoid personal liability in the event of a lawsuit.

TIP #4: Marketing Your Business

I. To grow your dating coaching practice, you must be ready to advertise your business. An online presence is very crucial to the growth of your business. Take advantage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course Google my business, Yelp, blog sites etc. Other ways to promote yourself is through flyers, brochures, business cards and word of mouth.
II. Look at what your competition is doing and learn from them and establish yourself in a unique manner
II. Build a business website.

TIP #5: Set up Your Billing System

As a business owner, spending time setting up your billing system is very essential. You can get assistance from a financial professional to get you set up. You have to figure out the fees you will charge your clients. Do you plan to charge per session, per package, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly? Are you offering a sliding fee scale to clients that can’t pay full price? These are important questions.

TIP #6: Offer Free Coaching Sessions

Working for free! Are you serious?

Yes, very much so! What better way to hone your skills than giving free coaching sessions to friends, family, neighbors, etc. If you are still relatively new to the dating coaching profession, then coaching your loved ones for free will definitely help you grow as a professional while also helping them in return.

How to start a dating coaching business that will earn you a substantial income while also helping people discover true love is something to seriously think about. The steps mentioned in this article will guide you on your way to enjoying a successful coaching practice.

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