C.O.A.C.H! How to Start Your Coaching Practice

Starting your own highly profitable coaching business does not need to be complicated and here is an easy guide on how to start your coaching practice.

C.O.A.C.H! How to Start Your Coaching Practice

There are probably numerous tips on how to start a coaching practice but we can narrow down the process into 5 simple steps. I’ve used the acronym “C.O.A.C.H” to label each of these steps…
C – CHOOSE a market
O – ORGANIZE your curriculum
A – ARRANGE the sales process
C – CREATE a communication medium
H – HIT your promotion

How to Start Your Coaching Practice Using the C.O.A.C.H Method

Okay, now let us run through the C.O.A.C.H method very quickly and briefly.
Step 1: C – CHOOSE a market
It all begins with choosing a market. Like any business endeavor, you need to determine your target audience and know who you want to reach. It all begins here.
There are many profitable markets. Just a few of them include…
• Health/fitness
• Dating and relationships
• Parenting
• Self-help/self-growth
• Business
The list could go on and on. If your favorite bookstore has an entire section devoted to it, chances are it’s a profitable market.
It is probably best if you target a market that is profitable, and of personal interest to you, preferably one in which you have existing experience or knowledge.

Step 2: O – ORGANIZE your curriculum
Next, you need to decide what it is that you are going to offer as the basis of your curriculum.
Before you devise a curriculum, you’ll need to determine the scope of your expertise. From what topics will you create your coaching curriculum?
If you plan to utilize an existing curriculum for your coaching curriculum, then you’ll need to determine what existing content you’ll share (and seek approval if it is licensed content).
On the other hand, if you plan to come up with your own coaching curriculum, then you’ll need to create a series of lessons … at least the first one to get started. Choose a topic of interest to your market and begin outlining a set of lessons based on that topic.
Once you have this in place…

Step 3: A – ARRANGE the sales process
There are three things you’ll need in place as far as automating the order process…
1) The sales letter – You will first need to craft a sales letter describing the specifics of your coaching program and the benefits to those who join it.
2) The order processing – You will also need someone to process your orders for you. Some options are Paypal.com and 2Checkout.com.
3) The fulfillment – You will need a fulfillment page in place where the customer will be taken to upon completing their order. This page should describe how the coaching will take place and provide any instructions for the client to complete.
This brings us to an all-important aspect of your coaching program…

Step 4: C – CREATE a communication medium
How will you communicate with your clients during the coaching program?
There are two ways to ease communication with your prospects or clients as they interact with you…
1) Communicate via email – One option is to simply have your clients submit their questions to you via email. You’d then reply to their questions as a return email. And everybody goes home happy. There’s only one problem. Email isn’t always 100% reliable. At times there will be some minor issues when using email, but you can always work around them by using a reliable email service provider that will ensure your messages get read and are not bounced back.
2) Communicate via a members-only website – A better option is to use a members-only website. This method will allow you to interact with students one-on-one in their own private back office. Each student has a username and password to enter the secure zone where they communicate with you behind closed doors. There are no email delivery problems because no email is involved. And there are many other features that you can use (forums, uploads, live chat, etc.).
So, decide upon how you want to communicate with your clients during the coaching period. Then, it’s time to launch!

Step 5: H – HIT your promotion
Once you have everything in place, it’s simple a matter of getting the word out about your new coaching practice.
• Contact your personal network of subscribers, partners, friends, family and customers.
• Purchase pay-per-click ads, ezine ads, banner ads and other paid advertising.
• Look for joint venture partners and affiliates to promote your coaching for a commission.
• Start a blog and create free giveaways to attract new clients.
• Insert notifications into your existing assets: notices at your website, in your resource boxes, in your signature file, in your autoresponder sequences, etc.

So there you have it. A simple but practical guide on how to start your coaching practice.

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