How to Network Effectively in Business Coaching

Networking is an important part of business coaching success. You’ve heard the saying “It isn’t just what you know; it’s who you know”, haven’t you? When you network, you are connecting with people in your niche or industry that you can collaborate with or work with in some meaningful way. Networking could lead to profitable projects and lucrative partnerships if you include it as part of your business growth strategy.

How to Network Effectively in Business Coaching
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Here are some essential networking strategies you could use to build your business:

Always Have a Business Card and Elevator Speech

Business cards may seem old-fashioned, but they are still an easy way to pass along your most important information to anyone you meet whom you think would be worth following up with. Your elevator speech should ideally be between 20-30 seconds long. In it, explain who you are and what value your coaching program offers to prospective clients or businesses coached.

Attend Business Coaching Networking Events

Most people are pretty shy about attending in-person events, but they can be a gold mine when it comes to networking. Your local chamber of commerce, trade shows, and conferences are all ideal places to meet like-minded people who could be a perfect fit for what you are offering.

While you are at the networking events, actively ask for business cards of the acquaintances you meet at the event as well. Make notes on the back of the card about what you discussed so you can remember it and decide if they are a good fit for your business.

Become a Public Speaker

Hone your public speaking skills so you will be invited to present at events such as conferences or workshops. Present interesting and entertaining content so the audience will get to know you better, and perhaps even pitch interesting business coaching ideas to you.

Online Networking

LinkedIn is specifically for professionals, so it will be your best online platform to connect both with old colleagues and potential new partners. Take the time to build a full profile. For each school, college and workplace, LinkedIn will then make suggestions about people you might know.

Be selective and start with people who might work in your niche or industry. Publish some articles on business coaching to help position you as an expert in your field so that when people view your profile to approve the connection, you will look like someone worth knowing.

Facebook is another good option but be sure to use a business page, not your personal one. You can always invite your personal connections to your business coaching page if they are genuinely interested in your niche, but otherwise, stay focused on people you have the potential to work well with, for example, other business coaches.

Also consider joining a popular niche-related Facebook group, or starting one yourself. All the content you post should be interesting and helpful, not constant spammy promotions. Restrain yourself to only 1 promotional post for every 20 informational posts.

Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing is growing because it is a sustainable way to tap into large business coaching audiences. Network on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram with people in your niche who have a large following. Engage with their content in a helpful way in order to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Gradually, mention a product or service you would like to sell. In many cases, the influencer will be happy to blast it to their audience. They might even be interested in working with you on a project or joint venture.

Networking, if done correctly, is a refreshing way to tap into a goldmine of resources, e.g. industry and customer insights, which you can then use to grow your coaching business.

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