How to Get Coaching Clients While They do All The Work

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get coaching clients without having to do the prospecting yourself? If you are just getting started or well into you coaching practice there are some simple tricks you can learn to know how to get coaching clients coming to you.

I’m just getting started and I want to coach, not prospect. What do I do?

I know how it is when you start your coaching practice and you don’t know how to get coaching clients. You are so eager to start coaching and so excited to start changing peoples lives. Yet, the idea of sitting prospecting, trying to sell yourself and skills to everyone is daunting.

How can you get to coaching new clients without having to find everyone yourself? How do you reach clients who are out of your comfort zone, like, total strangers?

Easy as pie. Provide a valuable reason for your clients to do the prospecting for you.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide For New Coaches on How to Get Coaching Clients

  1. Prepare an outline for how you will run a one hour session
  2. Make a list of all your family and friends who might utilize coaching in there life
  3. Make a second list of all of your family, friends, and acquaintances who you are unsure of
  4. Write out a script of what you want to offer at the end of your free coaching and how you will intrigue your client to sign up for coaching
    >> Offer them a month to month coaching contract with you for a rate you are comfortable charging
    >> Offer a month to month coaching in exchange for two referrals to a free session each month
  5.  Offer a free session to everyone on both of your lists by email and then phone if you do not get a response (Make sure you have a time slot ready to offer them and schedule when you call),
  6. Use your script at the end of each free session to avoid any limiting fears keeping you from the $$ conversation.
  7. Ask them if they would like to try coaching for a 3 month, 6 month or 1 year agreement at your special discounted family pricing. Tell them you only have 5 slots available. To get this rate they must refer 1 person a month to a free session with you.
  8. If they say I can’t afford it right now. Offer them a monthly coaching agreement in exchange for referrals each month
  9. Schedule there first official session and follow up your call by sending them an agreement detailing the deals of your trade or service
  10. Extend this offer to any person they refer
  11. Reward yourself for following these steps and learning how to get coaching clients by putting your clients to prospecting work

You can take action on these 10 steps by approaching people in your immediate circle of comfort. This is how I got my first 10 clients and I never had to prospect for private coaching again. My new clients were doing all the work for me.

Established Coaches Can Bring Endless Clients in Too

If your are already a coach and would like to get more private clients, offer your current clients a discount on there monthly rate for any client they refer who signs up for a 6 month contract. I have clients who are so determined to get that $50 off each month. One of my clients has not paid her full coaching fee for 3 months now because 3 of her referrals signed up! This is the easiest way to how getting coaching clients can be painless for you.

You now longer have to ask hot to get coaching clients when you find incentive for people to do the searching and sharing for you.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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