How to Get Coaching Clients: Three Ways to Promote Your Life Coaching Business and Get Clients to Pursue You

Have You Ever Wondered How to Get Coaching Clients?  After Reading This Article Clients Will be Coming to You

How do you get more life coaching business?  It would be great to know how to get coaching clients to call you, and maybe even pursue you in earnest to obtain your product or service.  It sounds like a dream, because most potential customers come with their arms crossed, as if to say, “I’m just looking and I don’t want to buy anything.”  Then we set out on hot pursuit by phoning them right back, or emailing them within ten minutes, trying to entice prospects to buy.  We end up seeming too eager or desperate.  But what if there was a way to play ‘hard to get’ with our life coaching business.  Clients might let their guard down, changing the whole dynamic.  Here are three ways that demonstrate how to get coaching clients, without chasing them:

Watch Your Life Coaching Business Grow By Playing Hard to Get With Prospective Clients

Tip #1:  How to Get Coaching Clients to Contact You Before It’s Too Late

Creating time limits on offers help people take action.  Even when your life coaching business is slower than you would like, you create urgency in your scripting.  For example you might say, “I’ve only got a few open slots this month, if you want to take advantage of this offer make sure you contact me by the 15th.”  There is nothing more valuable than a commodity that’s about to expire.

Tip #2:  How to Get Coaching Clients to Contact You Before There Isn’t Any Left

Similar to the first tip, another way to promote your life coaching business without chasing your clients is to offer a limited supply.  “I have 5 free session slots available, and they will be scheduled on a first come basis” or “I only coaching 20 people per month, and I have 3 openings left.  Do you want to be one of the 3?”

Tip #3:  How to Get Coaching Clients to Contact You So They Have a Chance at Prize

Another way to increase “buzz” around your life coaching business is to create a competition, jackpot or drawing.  Some people are more excited about the prospect of winning than they are about the actual prize.

Use the Tips Above and Stop Wondering How to Get Coaching Clients, Instead Have Them Knocking at Your Door

They key to successfully increasing traffic for your life coaching business using these tips on how to get coaching clients to contact you, is to make sure prospective clients see the warnings.  Most people won’t read your entire message or hear every word you say, so it’s essential to repeat the offer several times so people don’t end up feeling jilted.  But when you don’t come across as desperate and prospects wonder whether they will be able to take advantage of your offer, it helps them think of your product as more valuable.  And in doing this, you will be in a better position to offer your client the services they need.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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