How To Get Coaching Clients By The Numbers

Whether you are just beginning a coaching business or you are an established entrepreneur, how to get coaching clients is one of your biggest ongoing concerns.  Obviously, without clients you haven’t got a business.  And no matter how good a coach you are, it isn’t your coaching skills that will get you the majority of your clients.  A few may come to you as referrals from satisfied clients you have worked with, but mostly, how to get coaching clients is with your marketing.

Success Or Failure In Your Coaching Business Depends On Marketing

Marketing is giving information about what you do and how you do it.  But even more importantly, it’s about what your clients will get from what you offer–what wants and needs will you address and fulfill.  Your marketing has to convey what they will have at the end and how that will serve them.  But on your end, marketing is also a numbers game of how to get coaching clients.  How many different avenues do you have for your marketing?  Do you have a blog or a website?  Do you use Google ads?  Do you speak to organizations, schools, or clubs?  Do you belong to networking groups where you might meet not just individual clients, but also people who are centers of influence?  Do you participate in other people’s teleseminars?  Do you post flyers at your church?  The more avenues you have to put your marketing materials in front of your potential clients, the more clients you are likely to have.  But there is a but…

The Most Important Piece Of The Equation On How To Get Coaching Clients

So now you have all these possible avenues of marketing.  The problem is that you can’t focus all your attention on how to get coaching clients.  You have to narrow down your marketing or else you won’t have time to do anything besides marketing!  The solution is to record and analyze the marketing you do–what, where, when, and for how many people.  And most importantly, include a tracking system so you know how many leads and how many clients come from each type of marketing.  Tracking is the lynchpin of your marketing.  With it, you know where to focus your marketing efforts for the maximum return in terms of how to get coaching clients.  Without it, your scattered efforts will cost you way too much in terms of time, energy, and money.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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