How to Encourage the New Coach AND Be Honest, too!

OK. You‘re a new coach. You ask yourself: “Where do I start? Is this as overwhelming a field as it seems?” The simple answer is: “Yes!” But here is some guidance to deal with the most exhilarating, and – let’s face it – intimidating moment of your life.

Is Coaching as Vast a Field as It Seems?

Yes! And that is a lot of the fun of it. Where else can you positively impact so many people in so many ways at such a profound level? The answer is nowhere else!

But how can you feel confident in a field where, in addition to all the certificate programs offered, there are BS and MA and MS and PhD programs offered by dozens of colleges and universities on a variety of coaching related areas of study, which – if taken all together – do not totally encompass that field we call coaching?

Have faith because you can grow to be confident, and as a new coach, the way you do it is to find your own way.

For the New Coach, It All Begins with Your Vision!

As a new coach, you must take the time to formulate your vision of the future – a future that you impact, and that you are a critical part of. Once you have that picture of the future, you have to plot a course that will lead you there. One that will lead you through a series of strategies that will impact the lives of those you truly care most about.

For the New Coach, It All Begins with Action!

Yes! That is the dynamic of all greatness: combining a vision of the future with the action needed to get you there. By starting with your vision of the future, you have a “north star” to guide your actions by. With this higher purpose, what to study now and what to master later will be clear, and the vastness of coaching will become considerably less overwhelming. And you know that all your actions will combine to take you to your final vision.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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