How to Become a Success Coach Who Understands the Keys to Fulfillment and Achievement: Coaching Techniques That You Can Use to Inspire People

What does it take to become a success coach? The first of the coaching techniques is to recognize that there are two ingredients to success:

Motivation ‚Äď People are motivated by two things, pain and pleasure. In general we are motivated to go toward things that cause pleasure, and away from things that cause pain.

Fulfillment ‚Äď It is a matter of feeling good MOST of the time.

To become a success coach, you need to find out what people really want and then help them achieve that. Celebration is an essential ingredient in motivation AND fulfillment, and can be used as a coaching technique. Someone who has become a success coach and understands this can really make a powerful difference in a person’s life. Most people rarely give themselves much credit when they accomplish something, and simply go on to the next task. This cycle can lead to burnout, lack of fulfillment, and poor motivation. This is why giving permission to celebrate is one of the most powerful coaching techniques you can use.

Here are 4 specific coaching techniques to become a success coach who can help a client celebrate:

  1. Help your clients find a way to reward themselves.

  2. Make sure they take action on the reward.

  3. Have your clients notice when they start to feel good as they reward themselves.

  4. When they are feeling really good, have them answer these questions:

    1. What am I celebrating?

    2. Why is that worth celebrating?

    3. Why was it an important goal? How does that make me feel?

    4. What did I do to achieve that goal?

    5. Who have I become in the process? Who will I become in the future?

Within a few minutes of using these coaching techniques, you can become a success coach who can lead people to motivate themselves and find fulfillment in their accomplishments. And what about celebrating your own victories? Could you become a success coach who takes their own advice and uses these coaching techniques? Have fun!

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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